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Smart Tech Comes Home

September 27, 2016

Smart lock on front door

We use our smart phones for staying connected to the news, our friends and family, the latest sports scores, and the newest trending celebrity mishap. Most of us are always connected to work through our emails and text messages, too. We’ve progressed from the time of using folded paper maps on road trips, and finding a payphone to make a call when we are away from the home or office. We’ve even progressed from using our phones as phones most of the time!

As we continue to move into an “Internet of Things” reality, where are smart phones not only keep us connected to those people in our lives that matter, but also to those intangible objects in our lives that matter (just in a different way), smart home technology is ever progressing and becoming more and more accessible. The latest iOS 10 iPhone update from Apple is pushing that progression along, in a way that it seems Apple is ever so capable of doing!

With iOS 10, we can now send our heartbeats via texts, use invisible text in our messages, get transcribed voicemails, and so much more on our iPhones! This has to be one of the most significant updates to iOS software in years! Many of the updates may not seem incredibly vital to everyday life (the heartbeat is still pretty cool though), but Apple did include an update that could actually change everyday life for many people at home.

“Home” is a new app that comes packaged with the iOS 10 update. It allows a user to buy Apple products that turns their home into a smart home. As a builder, we love all things about homes, especially when our homes become even easier, and smarter.

And that’s one of many reasons why we’ve partnered with CPI Home Security. CPI, known for its commercials featuring Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly tackling the bad guy, has partnered with Eastwood Homes to bring home security and home technology to your doorstep. A future homeowner can design the CPI features they want during their design center visit, so it’s as easy as picking out the latest and greatest touchscreen keyless door lock with the color of your front door that best matches it.

CPI, which currently works with our Charlotte, Greenville and Charleston divisions, has had its inTouch platform and app in place for years, and its technology has just gotten smarter over time. In fact, most of our homeowners agree and more than 60 percent of them add on CPI smart home and security services when they are building their home.

Here are some of the added features that CPI can bring to your new Eastwood home:

inTouch Thermostat: Control the temperature of your house from your smartphone using the inTouch Thermostat.

Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock: Whether you forgot to lock up after going out to a movie, or you need to let the neighbor in to feed your pets, the inTouch Door Lock’s motorized deadbolt allows you to lock and unlock the door no matter where you are. Plus, customize alerts to let you know who is coming and going.

Garage Control: The garage door control kit is fully integrated with your security system and controllable through the inTouch app. See if the door is open or closed, then simply tap the screen to open or close it from wherever you are.

inTouch HD Doorbell Camera: Always know who is at your front door when using this doorbell camera. With PIR motion sensor and digital microphone and speaker, you can answer the door, speak to visitors and unlock the door – all from your inTouch app.

Light Control: Wireless lamp/appliance module allows you to control the power to any device plugged into it through the inTouch app. Also, set schedules for lights to turn on and off automatically.

With CPI’s “Scenes” feature, you can set up default settings for “away,” “home,” “sleep,” and more. Other security features offered by CPI include how your home reacts in an emergency. If the Fire Communicator senses rapid heat increase in your home even before smoke makes it to your sensor, it will react by unlocking the deadbolt to ensure a safe exit and an easier entrance for firefighters, shutting down the HVAC system for one hour so that any flames are not fanned and any smoke is not pulled through your house, and lighting the way to your exit with instructions on how to escape.

And that certainly leads to an easier night’s sleep in your new home sweet home.

We’d like to thank our friends at CPI, Brian Chambliss and Kyle Chapman, for their help in putting this blog together!