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Is a Finished Basement or Third Floor Right for You?

October 21, 2016

Eastwood Homes- New Homes- Basement and Third Floor

Over the years, we have seen a rising trend of finished basements in new homes. When you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a new home, you are invited to choose different options, such as a finished basement or finished third-floor flex space, and create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re building a new home with a custom builder, or a semi-custom builder, like Eastwood, it’s good to know your options. So is a finished basement or third-floor flex area right for you? Do you need the extra space? Here are a few ways how you can transform your basement or third floor into a cool and functional space that everyone will love!  

Keep the Mess Away with a Play Area for the Kiddos-

Who doesn’t love a space where the kids can let loose and have fun? In a basement or third floor, you can organize the toys into sections with durable cabinet space. Since the kids will spend most of their playtime away from the main living area, it will minimize the mess they normally leave as well. Plus, while they are playing downstairs or upstairs, you can enjoy quiet time or finish your to-do list. Although we know you love your kids, it might be nice to have some peace and quiet every now and again and we KNOW it’ll be nice to walk through your home without having toys to trip over!

Be the Fun House on the Block-

With a bar in your basement or third floor, you are bound to be the most popular neighbor in the community! Your new home should be a place where you want to spend your time. If you enjoy a nice cocktail, why not create a personal bar at your home? You and your friends can easily enjoy New Year’s Eve, a Football game, or a Cocktail party without leaving your home and paying for an Uber. No need to schedule childcare; the kids can play upstairs, while the adults have their fun downstairs or vice versa! After all, the fun shouldn’t just be left to the kids, right?

Sports are More Fun with a Big Screen-

Some of you will agree that your significant other (cough, cough men) watches too many sports games. You will either be frustrated by the lack of attention, or by the fact that you can’t watch The Bachelor or HGTV in the living room. Or if you have children, they can’t watch TV, because a game is on. On the other hand, guys may agree that sometimes watching a game in the living room is difficult with all the noise around the house, especially in today’s homes as sprawling, open floor plans are popular!  Well, a big screen and a couch set in your finished basement or third floor will solve all your problems! In these spaces, there is plenty of room for a HUGE flat-screen TV or maybe even a projector if you’re really hoping to go all out!

Say Hello to More Storage-

If you are a lover of shopping, then a finished basement or third floor can be your next best friend! With a variety of cabinets and hanging racks, you can easily transform any basement or third floor into a large closet or storage space. Organize your holiday decorations or have a gift-wrapping station for birthdays; a finished basement or third floor is the extra space you won’t be able to live without!


Whether you have kids, need a man cave, or want more storage, a finished basement or third floor may be the best option to include with building your Eastwood Home! What do you think? Is an open, flex space right for you? What would you do with your extra space?

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