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Our Lot or Yours?

January 27, 2023

Build On Your Lot in Charlotte, NC

Whether you are purchasing your first home, relocating to the Charlotte, NC, region, or buying a new home to enjoy during retirement, picking out a home can be an overwhelming task. After visiting dozens of homes in person, it may feel impossible to find everything you want. The good news is there is another way.

Instead of worrying about finding your dream home from what's available in the current market, Eastwood Homes' new Build On Your Lot option allows you to simply build the home of your dreams. By utilizing our build on your lot service, you don't have to compromise on one feature because you dictate the design of your new home. Do you need an oversized garage and three bathrooms? Not a problem; we can integrate it into your design.

What is Build On Your Lot?

So what is our build on your lot service? It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you already own a lot of land, then we can help you build on your land. You buy the lot, and we provide a home that fits your dreams through our extensive list of available floorplans, all with many structural and design options available. This is an excellent idea for someone who has already purchased land in the Charlotte, NC area, and for someone who wants to customize their own home.

New homeowners or homeowners that need flexibility in their home like a first-floor guest suite benefit from build on your land programs. In addition, building on your lot is the perfect solution for homeowners who are residential business owners who need a dedicated office space. Flexible, customized house layouts make building any home a possibility if you opt to use Eastwood Homes’ Build On Your Lot services.

Eastwood Homes Build On Your Lot

Why Choose Eastwood Homes As Your Charlotte, NC, Build On Your Lot Home Builder? 

Ranked the second best place to live in North Carolina and the 24th fastest-growing city in America by US News, there are a lot of great reasons to buy a home in the Charlotte area. One more reason is that Eastwood Homes can offer you amazing flexibility as your build on your lot home builders.

Not only do we bring 45+ years of homebuilding experience to our build on your lot services, but we offer many enticing bonuses. To start, we offer over 40 floor plan options.

Most of our customers find exactly what they need when browsing our floor plans, but if you need more flexibility, we offer structural options to help fill the gap. Common customizations include an outdoor living space or third floors with a loft, bedroom, and bath.

Eastwood Homes Patio

What are the Advantages of Building On Your Lot?

Without a doubt, the largest reason many Charlotte families choose to build a new home is because of the customization options. When you build on your land, you can choose a home design that meets your exact lifestyle needs, and in the exact area you want! Existing homes will often require you to trade off one feature to get another, but a new build offers you the opportunity to get everything you want. Third floors, sideload, or three-car garages, an open first floor design, and a luxury bath are all attainable features if you design your own home with Eastwood Homes.
Another advantage of building your own home is that all equipment within your home will be new. All building materials will be fresh, resulting in higher energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs over the first decade of home ownership. While it is hard to put a price on worry-free home ownership and a lowered carbon footprint, the money you save each year will.

What are the Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home in an Eastwood Homes Community?

You can get some of these same advantages by choosing to buy a new construction home within an Eastwood community. This is an excellent option for someone who does not already own land but wants to buy a newly constructed home. 
Since the home is new, you will receive the same modern technology, new appliances, increased energy efficiency, and flexibility in building designs. Oftentimes, you will also be moving into a neighborhood with enticing amenities like a pool and clubhouse.
Purchasing a new construction home in Charlotte, NC, is an excellent option for buyers from out of state because it allows them to instantly find a neighborhood and skip the step of finding a plot of land. Our team works with all types of buyers and we are happy to work with those who have a lot to build on already and those looking for a new build home in an established community.

Eastwood Homes Community Pool

Should I Opt for a New Construction Home in a Community or Choose to Build on My Lot?

In the end, the results are largely the same outside of location and established amenities. If you have a desired location in mind or have already purchased land in the Charlotte area, then it makes sense to build on your land. However, if you don't own land and want to get into a newly built home quickly, a new construction home at an existing Eastwood Homes community is a great solution. Our goal is to offer flexible home building solutions that match the needs of all of our real estate clients.


Contact Eastwood Homes today to talk more about our custom building options and learn more about Build On Your Lot.

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