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Beautify Your Bathroom With These DIY Projects!

September 11, 2015

Master Bathroom

The bathroom.

It’s a room that is often ignored and neglected. It’s not always glamorous, but a bathroom done right can be a space full of beauty. And let’s face it, with the exception of our beds, we start and end our days there. It deserves some attention. Still, a full bathroom remodel can cost thousands. If that’s not in your budget, there are plenty of ideas that can turn this necessary space into one that will bring peace and tranquility into your daily routine.

On top of that, if you’re selling your home, you should know that the bathroom is one of the rooms that homebuyers pay the most attention to. Real estate professionals suggest that while staging a home, sellers should also pay attention to the bathroom. Don’t stop at a deep clean. Add some touches that will bring about that feeling of a spa-like retreat.  

Here are a few DIY ideas we’ve found that can be done (usually) on a weekend. We’ve compiled all these ideas and more on our Pinterest board, “Beautiful Bathrooms.”

Here are our favorites:

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Your mirror will be the fairest of them all, if only it had a frame. Many bathroom mirrors are missing this finishing touch, even in new homes. However, the fix can be easier, and less expensive, than you may have thought. One solution is to use baseboard trim and frame out the mirror with those pieces. You’ll have to cut the wood at a 45-degree angle where it meets on the corners, and if your mirror is the clip-to-the-wall variety, you’ll have to chisel out a chunk where each of the clips is located. Or, simply stick on tiles with household adhesive sealant and position them in a frame around your mirrors for an even easier DIY!

Mason jars everywhere

Can you ever go wrong with mason jars? They are all over the design landscape and they’ve snuck into our DIY list in a surprising way – a fresh new upgrade to your wall sconces! To be honest, I thought this would be way too hard, but after running through the directions, it doesn’t appear to be. We found this super creative blogger Lauren who completed the project in 20 minutes for $6. That is not a typo! Basically, you use the existing sconce and match up the lid to the flange, and voila! A unique light fixture in your bathroom. Check out the pictorial on her blog for the complete instructions! Speaking of mason jars, you can also affix those cute jars to a wooden backsplash for great containers for your toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Get more details here!

Spa your tub

A garden bathtub can be one of two things – a place to catch dust (seriously how does it get dirty if it doesn’t get used?) or a place to relax after a long day with bubbles, some soft music, and your favorite beverage. Your tub can easily transform into a space you use with just a few store-bought items like bubble baths, bath bombs, bath salts, and more! But, what most tubs are missing is a rustic bath caddy! Yes, this is essentially a piece of reclaimed wood that spans the width of the tub, but with a few more steps you’ll have a really nice piece that (a) won’t slip into the tub with your glass of wine and (b) looks amazing.

Change out the bling

Metal finishes are a fickle subject. One decade (many, many years ago) we preferred brass. Then, it was chrome. Then, it was a brushed nickel. Now, all the rage is oil-rubbed bronze. We know, that changing out all of your fixtures including your shower surround can add up quickly. A more affordable solution is to simply use spray paint! It will give your bathroom (and your entire home) an updated look and is easily a DIY project that you can be proud of with the right amount of prep work.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more spa-inspiring DIY hacks for your bathroom space. We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these! Now let’s go take a bath!


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