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7 Outdoor Living Ideas and Trends

July 21, 2017

Outdoor living space

Our love affair with outdoor living is nothing new. For years now, we’ve expanded our living spaces onto decks and patios so that we can literally enjoy the best of both worlds. But just like any living space, design trends are ever-evolving. To help you keep your outdoor spaces up to par with the Joneses, we are breaking down the 2017 outdoor living space décor trends.


Top 7 Outdoor Living Trends, Ideas, and Designs

Go Seamless

When transitioning from indoors to outdoors, keep it seamless. Add outdoor rugs and side tables to your outdoor space, and accessorize with throw pillows and layered blankets as a finishing touch. Don’t be afraid to use furniture and accents that look like they were made for the indoors! Take it a step further, and repurpose old indoor furniture for your outdoor space!

Pillow Punch

Speaking of pillows… add a bold punch to your outdoor décor with fun printed and patterned pillows! Pillows are an easy accent that can really tie in a design and be swapped out – affordably – in a year or two when your design preferences change. They are a simple way to add color and personality to your outdoor spaces.

Materials Mahem

If you thrive on uniformity, this trend is not for you. Mixing materials and textures is a popular new trend, so consider a collection of wicker, teak, iron, stainless steel, and/or upholstered furniture in your outdoor space, all tied together with an outdoor rug or throw pillows! While we’re at it, go ahead and use furniture of different depths and shapes, like high-backed chairs and chaise lounge sofas. We feel it’s worth noting that you want to use a resilient fabric for your outdoor spaces to withstand the elements –  both rain and shine.

Mix It Up More

We’re not done suppressing that trait where everything should match and coordinate. Consider mixing up styles in your outdoor space. After all, if there’s any living space where you can freely experiment with your funky design side, it should be your outdoor space. So give your modernistic style a bohemian chic flair with some fringe on the pillows, or with that eccentric side table.

Lights, Camera, Instagram

Want a space worthy of envious Instagram posts? Add lighting to create ambiance and add focus to specific landscaping features. The right lighting choices in your outdoor spaces can do so much more than provide a safe route after the sun goes down. They can be used to highlight colorful plant beds or key hardscape features.

Go Green

When it comes to lighting or materials used, environmentally-conscious choices are definitely in trend. Consider solar-powered LED lights to highlight your outdoor living space after dusk and sustainable materials like concrete instead of high-maintenance materials like wood. A simple solution for a more green outdoor space is to allow a ground cover to grow between pavers. This allows rainwater to re-enter the soil instead of running off into drains. Using native plants to create your landscape improves biodiversity and attracts natural pollinators and wildlife while being low maintenance.

Petscaped Landscape

Many of us who are pet owners already keep our fur babies in mind while making design choices in our homes. This same thought process can carry over into an outdoor living space. Our favorite idea is ground-level water features which can make both dogs and humans happy by offering a place to cool off and a soothing backdrop of sound. Of course, make sure your pet can climb out of any water features if they climb in!

What's your favorite design trend for your outdoor space? Let us know in the comments below!

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