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What is EVP Flooring - Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring

August 09, 2023

Engineered vinyl plank flooring in move-in-ready home

It’s no secret that dirt, debris and more from the outdoors gets tracked indoors throughout the year. Whether you're worried about scratches, stains, sun spots or day to day wear and tear your floors take a lot. Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) flooring is an ideal solution to combat these seasonal challenges, as its waterproof and highly durable properties make it resistant to moisture, stains, and scratches. The rigid core in EVP prevents it from warping, providing a reliable and low-maintenance flooring option that can withstand the demands of every season.

Eastwood Homes is pleased to offer a new line of flooring called Engineered Vinyl Plank, often referred to as EVP. This new type of flooring offered by Shaw will provide homeowners protection against all life has to throw at it. 

What is EVP Flooring?

Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring is similar to Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, otherwise known as LVP, which has been a favorite among our homeowners for years now, and which also offers better protection against spills over the more traditional hardwood with EVP flooring, modern kitchen with engineered vinyl plank flooring

Advantages of EVP Flooring

One of the primary advantages of using EVP flooring is due to the advancements in the flooring industry. Quite simply, it’s difficult to tell that it’s not a hardwood floor just by looking at it. It’s offered in many of the designer styles that are popular today, like the grayed hues and farmhouse looks!

While many of us dream of having hardwood flooring, the reality is that hardwoods can be hard to keep in premium condition during day-to-day living. Instead, this new Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring looks more like hardwoods while being 100 percent resistant to spills and more durable against scratches and dents, too!

EVP flooring also offers added stability in varying climate conditions in the Southeast, meaning it doesn’t expand and contract as much as other flooring choices. It’s a heavier flooring choice, so it won't sound as hollow as other flooring options, and it won’t move when someone walks over it.

EVP vs LVP Flooring?

EVP and LVP floors differ in their composition and installation methods. LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank, while EVP stands for Engineered Vinyl Plank. LVP flooring is made of 100% vinyl material and comes in individual planks that can be clicked together during installation. On the other hand, EVP is a hybrid flooring product that combines vinyl with other materials like stone dust or wood fibers, offering increased stability and durability. EVP often features a rigid core, making it a popular choice for areas with higher foot traffic or potential moisture concerns. Both LVP and EVP are known for their realistic appearance, low maintenance, and affordability, making them attractive options for homeowners seeking the look of hardwood or other natural materials without the higher costs and maintenance associated with those materials.

grey evp flooring in kitchen

Shaw EVP Flooring

Shaw Flooring will be the manufacturer of our EVP flooring in many of our divisions. Shaw introduced its Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring in January of 2018, noting that it bridges the gap between “cleanability and beauty.”

Whether you need a home that will withstand growing youngsters, survive playful puppies, or whether the inevitable spilled milk (or all of the above), we know that Engineered Vinyl Plank was designed for you and the mud that we track in from life. Shaw's Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring lets you live your life, and love your floors.

We think EVP flooring will be a step above the rest for many of our home-buying customers. But no matter what your preference is, we would love to introduce you to the many flooring options that we offer in our award-winning Design Centers.

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