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His home is his castle

June 18, 2015

Sitting around fire pit

A Man’s Home Is His Castle until the Queen Arrives…was that supposed to be a secret?  We don’t think so. We’d bet many dads know this statement to be true and it’s certainly no secret that being a dad is a tough business. Here’s to you dads!

Are there certain spaces in your home that remind you of your father? Perhaps his man cave or outside on the patio by the grill?  Like Mom, we know that dad needs his own personal space within the home. At Eastwood Homes, we design spaces perfect for each type of dad whether it’s for the outdoorsman, the sports fanatic, or the foodie.

We're taking a closer look at our favorite dads just in time for Father's Day weekend! Which description fits your Dad?

King of the Recliner 

Feet up, cool drink in one hand, remote in the other…cue snoring after about five minutes…Can you picture it? We sure can! After a long day of work, many fathers look forward to the opportunity to kick off their shoes and relax. And they should, they absolutely deserve some much-needed time to themselves. At Eastwood Homes, we know that the recliner is a father’s (and mother’s) haven away from the hustle and bustle of the family. It’s their opportunity to unwind. Our great rooms and living areas are built with this image in mind. Open concept floor plans allow dad to enjoy his time in his recliner while simultaneously interacting with the family. The flow between the kitchen and the living area allows dad to relax without feeling secluded.  The focal point of many Eastwood great rooms is the fireplace/mantle combination which is often home to a large flat-screen TV. It’s a win-win for dad with the recliner, TV, and family all in one room! What more could he ask for? The only real trouble comes when his beloved children stand in front of the TV. This is a big NO-NO and can bring out a whole different side of dad (at least my dad anyway). In a more futuristic time, we’ll design a home that prevents the TV from being blocked by moving objects, mainly people. J Maybe a force-field around the TV?

Prince of the Patio

We’ve dubbed dads who like being outdoors the Prince of the Patio! You can often find these fathers by the grill, working in a vegetable or flower garden, or performing yard maintenance. These are the dads who live for the great outdoors. At Eastwood Homes, our patios and porches are designed exclusively for outdoor living. In today’s market, outdoor living is all the rage. Patios are bigger, better, and more comfortable. In addition to patios including built-in fireplaces, stone hardscapes, outdoor fire pits, and more, Princes of the Patio might also enjoy a spacious sunroom, screen porch, or double front porch. We often find that the fathers of the families who visit Eastwood Homes are the ones most impressed by our Wilmington and Cypress plans that offer a double front- porch option. Dads can immediately envision themselves enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the porch. Although, that’s probably not the best image for this weekend considering we’re dealing with 100+ degree weather here in the South! Princes of the Patios are also often the fathers who also build small vegetable gardens or sheds for tools in the backyard. There is no limit to their imagination when it comes to the outdoors! We enjoy working with these fathers and find that the outdoorsman is a great addition to any Eastwood Homes neighborhood as their outdoor work truly impacts the overall curb appeal of the home.

Guardian of the Fort

The Guardian of the Fort is the ultimate fun-loving Father! More often than not, all dads are guardians of the fort at least once during their life. When children reach a certain age, a fort is just about THE COOLEST IDEA EVER. This is where dad steps in. Although the kids LOVE the idea of a fort, they aren’t equipped to actually build one themselves; therefore, dad is left to gather sheets and blankets, also known as building materials, and get to work. Luckily for mom, Eastwood Homes offers spaces designed exclusively for making “Fort Mess” (Fort Mess was what my mom called our forts when growing up…Good one, Mom). Third-floor bonus rooms, open loft areas, and media rooms are perfect for this type of project! These open spaces are often on the 2nd or 3rd story of the home where company does not venture unless invited. This allows Fort Mess to be out of sight and out of mind. Score for mom! Dads who are dubbed Guardian of the Fort are often found crawling around on their hands and knees in the loft, bonus room, and media room spaces. Guardians of the Fort and their construction skills give the term flex space a whole new meaning. Guardians of the Fort are proud of their craftsmanship and often have a hard time tearing down their masterpieces.

Knight of the Roundtable

The Knight of the Roundtable is the father who can almost always be found at the kitchen table or eating area! They are anxiously awaiting their next meal and who can blame them? Food is a luxury meant to be enjoyed! More often than not, this type of father has a reserved seat at the head of the table and is the very first to dig in! You better get to the table quickly or dad will have cleared his plate before you can blink an eye. For Knights of the Roundtable, new home designs are perfect. Unlike used homes, newer homes offer innovative eating spaces. The days of eating off of TV trays while propped up on the couch are long gone! In addition to formal dining rooms, many Eastwood Homes are also equipped with built-in bars and sunny breakfast areas connected to the kitchen.  The Drexel, Cypress, Davidson, and McDowell all boast large formal dining rooms, bars, and quaint breakfast areas. For the dad who loves food, these home plans are ideal. And it’s not just dad, these types of eating spaces can often make the entire family happy! It allows room for mom to host company for holidays, children to play card games on the table in the breakfast area, and we can’t forget to mention that under the table is a perfect napping spot for the family pet.

Duke of the Garage

AHH...Duke of the Garage. Similar to the Prince of the Patio, the Duke of the Garage prefers to spend the majority of his time outside of the home. We often find that these types of fathers have a hobby that involves cars, music, carving, construction, and more. These dads are hands-on and like to keep busy! For the Duke of the Garage, Eastwood Homes offers two-car included garages with almost every home plan! In certain neighborhoods, dad can even opt to build a third car or utility garage to max out his space. The garage is the perfect area for dad to store all of his personal possessions that the Queen just won’t allow in her home- muddy boots, tools, sports equipment, etc.  The third car or utility car option offers the best of both worlds as there is room for dad and room to park the car!

Wherever dads prefer to spend their time, we hope every dad has a chance to relax and enjoy their weekend! 

We’d like to hear from you!  Who is your Dad? -Is he King of the Recliner, Prince of the Patio, Guardian of the Fort, Knight of the Roundtable, or Duke of the Garage? Is there a certain room in your home that reminds you the most of good ole’ dad?



We also want to take this time to wish our Eastwood Homes dads a Happy Father's Day! Here are just some of them (from left) owners Clark Stewart and Joe Stewart and Charlotte division president Mike Conley!









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