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April 02, 2018

Decorated screened porch

Whether you are in a new home, or a well-loved, well-lived-in home, there are always DIY projects that will give you a fresh start in your space. Some of those projects may be pricier than others (new flooring – we’re looking at you), but some can be completed within a smaller budget. We’ve compiled some more affordable options for your spring’s fresh start that fall below $300 on the store receipt.

Before we jump in, you may be saying, “Sounds great, Eastwood, but how do I find the $300 to complete these projects in my home?” Great question! Take part in our Fresh Start giveaway over on Instagram where the grand prize is a $300 gift card to Lowes! Simply find and “love” our Fresh Start giveaway post, tag a friend who’d love a Fresh Start, and you’re entered! We’ll be drawing a winner on Friday, April 6th!

Landscaping: There’s nothing more fitting for a springtime refresh than new flowers in your yard! And now is the perfect time in the South to get started! Pick up some weed and feed for the yard, mulch to spread around trees and flower beds, and then head over to the flower section and let your creative juices flow! One of our favorite flowers to plant is the Crinum. This resilient lily loves the sun but isn’t picky about its soil, and in the words of the folks at Southern Living, it laughs at drought.  If you’re looking for a show-stopping shrub with amazing blooms, they suggest the Chinese snowball and we would have to agree – it’s beautiful!

Interior paint: A refreshed paint scheme can have the same overhaul effect on the inside of your home as new landscaping does on the outside. Depending on the size of the space you’re painting, you may be tackling this project for one day, or for one long weekend. But the effects are worth it… if done right! You’ll want to take heed to tried-and-true painting tips and don’t skimp on the prep work! The DIY Network suggests taking the time to sand any cracked or flaking areas and wiping down your walls with a damp cloth beforehand. You can find more tips from the DIY experts, like how to “know your nap,” on their blog.

Knobs and plates: Do you have mismatched metals in your home? Maybe you’ve updated your ceiling fans and lights to brushed nickel and your door knobs are brass? If it drives you nuts when you should be instead relaxing on the couch, take action and switch out your door knobs, light switch, and outlet plates. This easy task is less labor-intensive than a whole new paint job, can be done in a day, and can give you a breath of fresh air in your space (and those of us with OCD tendencies will literally be able to breathe easier!) Most new door knobs fall under $30 a piece, and light switches are usually $10 each or less.

Outdoor lighting: Want a fresh start on the front porch? Consider updating the space with new outdoor wall sconces and pendant lights! You can spend as much as you like on these, truly, but they generally start around $30. We even found one sconce on sale for $12 at Lowes! Usually, you’ll need two sconces for the sides of your garage, and another two sconces and a pendant light for the front door area. If you use the more affordable lighting, you’ll have enough left over to grab a can of paint and update the color of your front door while you are at it!  

Outdoor living: Upgrading your backyard space is possible on a small budget if you already have some basics in place, like your outdoor furniture. Imagine pumping out some summer tunes via weather-resistant outdoor speakers during your next get-together with friends and family. A set of two 100-watt speakers at Lowes is currently priced at just under $100. For lighting, consider adding string LED lights spanning overhead your seating area. A 24-foot string starts at about $70. If you don’t have a fire pit yet, this leaves money in your budget to add one now! Or consider softening up the space with throw pillows on your outdoor furniture and an outdoor rug underneath.

We hope we’ve helped inspire you to create a Fresh Start in your own space! Our Instagram giveaway runs through Friday, April 6th, so be sure to enter to win a $300 Lowes gift card!

If you’re looking for a true Fresh Start, we build new homes in Charlotte, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh, Richmond, or the Triad, and we’d love to help! For more information on our communities, visit our website. Or, simply call us at 866-551-7995 or email our internet team!

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