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Holiday Decorating 101

November 28, 2018



Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to think about the next holiday around the corner! You know what that means; buying gifts, cleaning the house for guests, and decorating. Decorating for many people seems to be a daunting task with so many items and such little time. Well, we’re here to help relieve some stress and give you helpful tips on buying the essentials without breaking the bank.


Let’s break it down by the must-have items:

  • Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments
  • Stockings
  • Garland
  • Wreath
  • Fake snow


The Tree: If you’re looking to save some money throughout the years, a fake tree is a way to go. It’s maintenance-free. There are tons of options, sizes, and decorative trees. Pro tip- make sure you know you’re ceiling height before purchasing the tree! You don’t want to get home and realize the tree is too tall and does not have room for your tree topper. For a real tree, you may be looking at some more work but it will make your home smell like the most wonderful time of the year! Who doesn’t love that?

Get festive with colored lights, blinking lights, etc. If you have a theme for the tree stay true to it! You can do all one color, nautical, sports-themed, the list goes on.  




Stockings: One of our favorite kind of stockings are personalized ones. Whether you get plain ones and decorate them with the kids, or you buy ones at the store with your initials, they make for the perfect holiday décor. It will also help with any confusion on whose stocking is whose!






Garland: Seriously, go crazy with the garland! Wrap it around stair banisters, mantels, on TV stands, and more! You can really make your home feel like a winter wonderland with garland throughout the house. It’s a simple and effective way to decorate!



Wreath: If you’re looking for some easy outdoor decorating and don’t want to hang lights, throw a few large wreaths on your front windows and door! That way you’re not the only house on the block not decorating! It’s another easy thing to do and it’s a one-time buy.




Fake snow: Now this can get messy so be careful! Fake snow can really add that winter touch. If you live in the south and don’t get snow often, it really puts you in the holiday spirit! Pile it under the tree, put it in vases as a centerpiece, and sprinkle it throughout the garland. It’s the last and final touch to really bring it all together.


Lastly, don’t feel like you have to break the bank for these items. Michael’s, Target, and Walmart all carry the essentials for a reasonable price. Look for deals, or even wait till after the holiday and buy for next year. Happy decorating from your family at Eastwood Homes!

Did we miss any tips? Comment below your favorite decoration for the holiday season!

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