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January 27, 2017

Eastwood Home New Home Specialist

(A Day in the Life: Join our New Home Specialist Elaine as she opens up her Steele Creek model in Charlotte in the morning. Check out all those light switches!)

An Eastwood model home allows our future homeowners to essentially test out the features of a new home before purchasing, just like the test drive at a car dealership. Just as you can rev the engine and test the acceleration of that shiny new car, in our model home you can visualize furniture in a space, open and close cabinets, and picture yourself getting ready for each day in an expansive primary suite bath and walk-in closet.

What you may not know is that the entire model home experience is well thought-out before you ever arrive and walk in the front door. So, let’s take a look at the preparation that happens behind the scenes before you even pull into the neighborhood!

To start, did you know that we take into account all five of your senses when preparing to welcome you at the front door?

Hearing: If you’ve ever visited our model homes, you know that we have music playing in the background. We hope this adds to your overall experience while showing off the whole home audio system that is available in our new homes! Imagine what it would be like to entertain your friends and family with music flowing throughout the rooms of your home! Or, simply a day of housework with your favorite tunes encouraging you along.

Taste: When you visit us, we’ll offer you a drink, like a coffee, and you’ll always find a treat around, like hard candies on our New Home Specialist’s desk. We want you to feel welcome in our (model) home, just as you would want your guests to feel welcome in your new home.

Smell: We strive to make our homes as inviting as possible. To help, we use plug-in scent warmers throughout the home, similar to what you’d use in your own home. Typically, we like to use fresh scents like Ocean Breeze, Fresh Laundry, or April Showers. Do you have a favorite scent that we should try? Again, we want this experience to be as welcoming as possible for you so we’d love your feedback!

Touch: Of course, this ties into the test-drive experience. Touch our home! Use those cabinets and drawers. Don’t be shy - we know you want to touch the granite or quartz countertops. Go for it! Sit on the couch and imagine watching Netflix. Try out the dining room while imagining a home-cooked meal with loved ones! Lounge in the sunroom or chill in the outdoor living area! We encourage you to live in our home as you would your own while you walk through it. Picture yourself at home!

Sight: And finally, perhaps the biggest sensory experience while reviewing all rooms in a model or inventory home is sight. We want to make sure the model is clean, all the lightbulbs are working, the décor is inviting and the finishes complement each other. We want to inspire you for your future design center appointment! The options feel endless when you are picking out the features of your new home, from behind-the-drywall features like security systems to the first visual you see when you (or your friends) pull up the exterior colors of your home. In all of our model homes, we attempt to maximize the curb appeal and indoor livability each and every time!

But that’s really just the beginning of our preparation.

We’ve done the work of mapping out the distances to the services you’ll need when you live in our neighborhood, from restaurants and shopping to the post office, hospital, schools, and more. We’ve done the data gathering and compiled all the tax and utility information you’ll need. We even know when the upcoming community events, such as area festivals, will be held.

And of course, we have all the information you’ll need to make your decision, like homesite maps, floorplans, and testimonials from previous homebuyers. We even have your “sold” sticker!

We encourage you to stop by one of our model homes and get a full sensory experience of what our home would feel like as your home!

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