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5 Unique Housewarming Gifts

February 20, 2015

Plates etched with messages from Mom

Although it’s hard to believe right now, we are getting closer and closer to warmer weather. With spring approaching, more and more people will consider making a move to a new home and possibly a new city. It is an exciting time that is full of hope for a happy new home and it is worth celebrating!

As our friends and family members settle into their new homes, the rest of us are left pondering the perfect housewarming gift – something other than a potted plant, or dish towels, or a welcome mat. Finding a great, unique housewarming gift that highlights our creativity and sincerity and shows just how much we care can be a challenge… but that’s why we have Pinterest!

We’re here to help you navigate the possibilities as you search for something a bit more personal. Here are our 5 favorite, ingenious housewarming gift ideas we found on Pinterest.

Ready, Set, To-Go Menu Organizer.

This may not sound glamorous but imagine you just moved to a new city and you have no idea who delivers or even what restaurants are nearby for a quick, take-out meal. Now imagine you are the thoughtful friend who has taken the time to do a little internet research on which restaurants are convenient to your friend’s new location. As a plus, every time your friend opens the menu organizer, he or she will think of you! has one of these for sale, but we think you could easily make one yourself and personalize it for your friend.

Recipe Cutting Board.

This gift is especially perfect for family to give to family. Take an old family recipe and have it hand-printed or wood-burned onto a wooden cutting board for posterity. I can personally imagine this would be perfect for my great aunt’s cinnamon roll recipe that our family cherishes. For the DIYer, especially those who are good with a wood-burning tool, you can do this yourself. Or, for the rest of us, there are artisans on Etsy who can take a scanned image of your great aunt’s handwritten recipe and reproduce it on the cutting board itself. We just searched Etsy for “recipe cutting board” and came up with several affordable options.


Rolling in the Dough.

Normally, we’d say a gift of money is an uncreative (but always very much appreciated) last resort gift. But this gift may be an exception to that rule. Simply wrap money around a rolling pin and attach a cute hand-written card that says something like, “Here’s to rolling in the dough in your new home.” And let’s be honest, everyone needs extra cash during a move, and younger people who are embarking on their first move are not likely to have a rolling pin. Depending on your budget, you can add a nice cookie sheet or some utensils to complete the gift.



Map Their Love.

Maybe you have two friends who are moving into their first home together. If they come from different parts of the country or world, this gift can give homage to their roots. Using a map, cut out two heart halves centering on each of their hometowns, bring the two halves together to make a full heart, and frame it. Beautiful and meaningful.


Live, Laugh, Love, Literature.

If you are shopping for a literary buff making a move, this could be their new favorite wall art. The framed art features a page from Shakespeare’s work with the words “I like this place and willingly could waste my time in” printed boldly on top of the page. You can find it pre-made on Etsy, or recreate one for yourself with a page from an old Shakespeare book.


Honorable Mentions


We’d love to hear which housewarming ideas you loved or if you have any favorites of your own that you can share with our readers! Just comment below!

For more details on each of these unique housewarming gift ideas plus more ideas that we love, visit our Pinterest “Housewarming” Board – and be sure to follow us there! 

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