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Next Stop: Decorating

June 11, 2015

Next Stop: Decorating

Apps, Resources, and Websites to Help You Create Your Dream Home! 

So you’ve purchased a new home…Yay! Next Stop: Decorating!  Styles are different, tastes vary, and just like your fingerprint, your home is something that is uniquely your own. Although your home is a reflection of your individual style, it’s sometimes hard to imagine the entire concept and flow of your future home while standing in the middle of an empty room. Luckily, like with most anything else today, technology can easily help alleviate some of the more overwhelming design decisions! From furniture placement to paint selection to decorating inspiration, these helpful apps can help save you time and money! Plus, they remove the hassle of running back and forth to decorating and design stores like Lowe’s, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Target, Sherwin Williams, and more!  

It’s Time to Shop Furniture


After selecting your desired floor plan, furniture selection can be one of the most challenging aspects of the new home buying and designing process. If you’re lucky, you may already have great pieces that will work well in your new space. If not, LikeThatDecor is a wonderful app to help you begin decorating with unique furniture!  The app allows you to search for popular furniture from hundreds of brand-name retailers including Hooker Furniture, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and more. You’re able to type in a category of furniture (beds, nightstands, couches, mirrors, etc) and then browse through a never-ending list of options. Once you find a style you like, the app will generate pieces from retailers that are similar to your identified piece. How amazing is this? Additionally, you are able to take photos within the app, and VOILA!, the app shows you similar pieces of furniture!  So… let’s say your mother has a great piece of furniture you LOVE, but she’s not willing to part with. Simply snap a photo of the piece in the LikeThatDecor app to find similar options for sale in your area. This can also be a useful tool for the bargain hunter! You just may be able to find similar pieces at a lower cost- now who doesn’t love that option?  Snap It, Explore It, Find It – it’s really that simple with LikeThatDecor!

Let’s Get Painting

Color Capture, Color Snap, and Paint Tester Pro

On our blog last week, we discussed painting an open-concept space. Let’s be honest…paint can be intimidating. I often find myself holding my breath when painting the first brush stroke of new paint on a wall! At Eastwood Homes, we love color. If you’ve walked through our model homes then this is more than likely VERY obvious.  Color can be fun, exciting, and easy to incorporate when given the correct tools.  Here are a few decorating apps that will aid with selecting the perfect color choice. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore Paints is fantastic. This app allows you to take a photo of your existing space and the app will automatically match you with colors that would work well with your current furniture, bedspread, décor, etc. It’s really ingenious and very easy to use. We’d recommend this app for those that need a slight change but aren’t ready to make the leap to a whole new set of furniture. It’s really amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to brighten up a room! Similarly, we suggest Color Snap from Sherwin Williams. Like the Color Capture app, this app will match you with similar paint colors.  These are great options for those exploring new wall colors! Once you’ve selected a color, we suggest downloading Painter Tester Pro. Unfortunately, this is not a free app, the cost is $1.99, but the app allows you to virtually paint the walls in your room before diving in head first. It’s a sneak preview of what your room will look like when complete! This is ideal for someone who is hesitant to just go for it and needs reassurance that their color choice is the perfect option.

Go Handmade or Go Home

Etsy and Chairish

One thing we LOVE about the design trends of today is the vintage-inspired, handmade pieces. If you’re paying attention, you have likely noticed that these types of pieces are everywhere. Even brand new items often have a vintage or distressed quality. This type of style is great for so many reasons; one of which is that it allows local artists and small businesses to flourish. I know, I know, you’re not here to talk business, but how great is it that we have apps that allow us to support small and medium-sized businesses?  Etsy is one of our favorites.  Etsy is a virtual marketplace for almost any type of home décor item. You name it and Etsy will have it OR will present you with options for a local artist or craftsman who can make it for you! All Etsy purchases are unique and more often than not, handmade, making them a special piece in your household. You can find furniture, pillows, wall décor, and more. Although many of the items on the site are focused around decorating a home, you can also find invitations, jewelry, clothing, etc. The options are unlimited. Like Etsy, Chairish is a virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers. It’s an online consignment marketplace where people can easily buy and sell their exceptional pre-owned furniture and home goods. It’s similar to eBay, but with a more focused approach. Check it out to see for yourself! It’s great for selling or buying new and really simplifies the process of finding the perfect furniture piece.

Inspire and Enlighten

Design Sponge

Do you love reading blogs? If so, it’s time to download the Design Sponge app or bookmark the site on your desktop!   This amazing design blog turned app features real stories of real people designing real spaces.  Design Sponge follows the adventures of many families on their quest for a new or renovated home. The blog run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney is an unmatched resource for inspiration and enlightenment.  From bright bungalows to Victorian farmhouses to LA Lofts, the blog features a wide range of homes to explore. You can even search by city to find inspiration in your area. We just love this entry featuring Charlotte natives, Leslie Kraemer and Phillip Atchison. Their home in the trendy Plaza Midwood area is beautiful and creative! What more could you ask for?  Although design-focused, the blog also features content sections including Food and Drink (I cannot wait to try a few of the recipes), DIY, Before and After, Interviews and more. For someone moving into a new space, it’s the perfect resource to get your design wheels turning!  Unlike the apps mentioned above, Design Sponge does not have a particular purpose other than to inspire and entertain. And it surely does. For avid readers, beware. This blog will capture your attention and you’ll find yourself reading for hours. Props to Grace Bonney and her team for this magnificent creation.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture, searching for the correct color combo, or simply gathering a little inspiration, the helpful tools above will help place you on the right path to a beautiful, new space. For additional resources, check out House Beautiful’s article regarding free apps that will change the way you decorate!  Do you have any must-have design apps or sites that are on your list? Comment below and let us know! 

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