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Steps to Building a House

August 18, 2020

Eastwood owners Joe and Clark Stewart examine a house in framing

If you’re considering purchasing a new construction home, you may have questions about the steps in the building process. You may even be a little overwhelmed at the thought. However, that shouldn’t be the case! Everyone on our Eastwood team -- from our New Home Specialists to our builders to our closing coordinators -- is here to answer questions and help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Different Types of Home Build 

Move-In Ready Homes

If you choose to buy a new construction home, you will have two equally exciting options available to you. You can buy a newly built move-in ready home, which is finished or nearly finished. For these homes, the Eastwood New Home Specialist and Design Center specialists have already picked the finishes and options that will be included. Many, if not all, of the decisions about how the house will look when finished have already been made. This is a great option if you have a shorter time frame in which you need to move, or if you find the home of your dreams is already built.




Semi-Custom Homes

If instead, you prefer to make all the decisions about your next home, you can choose what we call a “to-be-built” home. Future homeowners are able to choose a specific homesite that will fit their floorplan and meet with the Design Center team or the New Home Specialist to finalize design choices, like cabinet and fixture finishes, flooring types, and any structural options that are available for the home.  

Choosing a "to-be-built" home is certainly a lengthier process, but many people enjoy seeing their home grow from a plot of land to a foundation, then a framed structure, and finally their new home.

Home Building Process - How To Build a House

There are several stages in the home-building process. We’d like to highlight those stages here, but you can find more detailed explanations on our website. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

First, our future homeowners will meet with their New Home Specialist and Builder for a pre-construction meeting. During this orientation, our builder will review the placement of the home on the homesite and the entire process with the future homeowner.

Lay the Foundation

Once the pre-construction meeting is finished, the foundation of the home is poured, but only after inspections by the builder and the municipality are complete.

House Framing

Next, the framing is built. At this point, our future homeowner can see his or her home taking shape!

Mechanical Installation

Once the home is “dried-in” meaning roofing and sheathing are installed, the home’s rough mechanicals are installed. This process includes heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical system installation.


Homebuyers will then have a pre-drywall orientation with their builder to answer any questions and to ensure all options are installed before the drywall goes up.

The drywall is considered the midway point in the home’s construction. At this point, the structure will begin to look like a home.

Home Features 

The cabinets and countertops are also installed during the drywall process. The other big steps during this phase include the pouring of the driveway and grading of the yard.

Trim & Landscaping

Trim work is the next phase of a new home and is when all the faucets, sinks, doorknobs, and small hardware items are installed. Landscaping is done at this point, too, really adding to that new home feel!

Home Inspection 

After the home is complete, a quality inspection is conducted.

Final Walk-Through 

After inspection, the homebuyers will have a final walk-through before closing on the home. The builder explains the systems and features and discusses homeowner maintenance and warranty procedures. Any minor adjustments are addressed at this point, as well.

Closing on a House

The next step is the one all homebuyers wait for, closing day! After closing, our homeowners will have a follow-up orientation a few months after moving in. This is another chance to review the warranty procedures and ask questions about the home’s systems.

Building a new home does not have to be a daunting task especially when you partner with a builder who cares about your satisfaction and believes that you should be involved in the process every step of the way. If you have more questions about the construction process, we're here to help!

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