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Moving boxes

Moving got you stressed?

We get it. The joy of moving into a new home comes with the pain of the actual move. If moving has you stressed out, we have some tips to help make this task as painless as possible!
McDowell Owner's Bath

Must Haves for Mom

As they say, home is where your Mom is! We truly believe all moms deserve a space they love and that’s perfect for their personalities. Let’s talk about Mom’s must-haves in a new home!
The Oxford at Sweetwater Plantation

Sunroom Essentials

Have you ever thought about adding a sunroom to your home? Sunrooms can not only maximize your space in a home but are perfect for year-round enjoyment. In the winter, it is a nice getaway space that will bring in that natural light we all crave, and in the summer, it will be a warm oasis to feel like your outside without all the bugs and heat. Who doesn’t love that?
Butterfly in a tree

Creating a butterfly garden

This year, in honor of Earth Day 2019, we want to celebrate the butterfly and share ways to attract them to your garden! Butterflies are one of our favorite insects (we don’t have many). If there is such a thing as a perfect bug, then the butterfly is at the top of the list. They help pollinate plants and they don’t sting or bite! And, their story of metamorphosis is inspiring to all of us who have felt like a caterpillar at some point in our lives.

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