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To book an appointment, or not?

February 09, 2016

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If you are beginning your search for a new home, you will likely be starting online like most homebuyers do today. At Eastwood Homes, we have team members who are available to help you navigate that online search. Our Internet New Home Specialists, Amanda, Leslie, Kyle, Kristina, and Caity, are available to help you find the right community and the right home. They're so anxious to help, that you may even see them initiate a chat with you when you are surfing our website! Our internet team has a good knowledge of all of our communities and they are here to help you narrow down your search and, simply, make your life easier.

Once our internet team helps you pinpoint the best community, they will ask you if you’d like to set an appointment to visit. We know it can be hard to commit to a specific time to visit a community, especially if you are planning to do a whirlwind tour of several homes as many home buyers do! But it can make a huge difference in your experience if you do so! We want to share with you some of the benefits of making an appointment to tour a community. It all centers around one key tenet – your time is valuable!

Our on-site New Home Specialists work weekends which means they take time off during the week. Their schedules vary per community, and sometimes can even vary by week! Ideally, we want to schedule your visit with the on-site New Home Specialist because they are best equipped to answer all of your questions. They are also trained to ask the right questions of you to help you find the right home for your needs. Generally, we do have someone staffing our model homes while our New Home Specialists are taking time off, but in many cases, it is an assistant who is not always trained to answer all of your questions, for instance about the pricing of optional features in our homes. We prefer to keep your new home search headed in the right (happiest) direction possible, and the best way to do so is by setting an appointment for you when the New Home Specialist is on site.

However, even if the New Home Specialist is on-site in the community, they may have an appointment already scheduled for that day, possibly to show a home or homesite to another buyer, or to write a contract. As the home-buying season heats up in February in anticipation of a busy spring season, this will become more and more common. Again, we want to make sure that someone is available to answer your questions and provide you with the time and attention you need during your home-buying process. Making an appointment is one way to ensure that continues to happen.

Also, our New Home Specialists wear many hats and are often out in the community itself, possibly meeting with our builders, touring a home, putting up available homesite signs, or any number of other duties. If they know that they have an appointment coming, they will be sure to work their schedule accordingly so they are waiting for you at the model home because your time is valuable.

Possibly the most important reason to set an appointment is so that our team can best serve you. After you speak with our internet team, they will share the key details of your home search with our on-site team, who can then take a few minutes to prepare for your visit. This behind-the-scenes work simply makes your visit more productive and enjoyable for you.

Of course, you are always welcome to stop by any of our communities without an appointment if that is your preference. We are always happy to see you! But, if possible, we hope you’ll take a minute to chat, email, or call our internet team, and let them do what they do best, and that makes your upcoming visit to our community the best it can be. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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