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Our favorite Southern Comfort Punch

November 01, 2017

Mike Scott, Corporate Purchasing and Estimating admin

“The funny thing about this recipe is that my mother didn’t drink a drop, but this was made for every gathering I can remember.”

-Mike Scott, Corporate Purchasing and Estimating Administrator

Ice Ring (prepare in advance):

Slice a few lemons; oranges; limes

Place with grapes and or cherries in small ring

Add ½ the water. Freeze. Repeat for 2nd layer.


Punch Mixture (prepare in advance):

6 oz           Lemon Juice

6 oz can    Frozen Lemonade

6 oz can    Frozen Orange Juice 

1 Fifth        Southern Comfort

Combine ingredients and chill until ready to use.

When ready to serve, place Frozen Ice Ring in large punch bowl. Add mixture, then 2 or 3 Liters of 7 Up. Enjoy!