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Pantone Color of The Year 2023: Viva Magenta

February 09, 2023

2023 pantone color of the year viva magenta

It's that time of year again. The fantastic moment in which Pantone reveals its selection for the prestigious title of Pantone Color of the Year, an announcement that will set the stage for the year's interior design trends. For 2023, they selected Viva Magenta, one of the liveliest and most outstanding tones of the red family, as a tribute to the forces of nature that shape and galvanize the human spirit. Inspired by the breathtaking red of cochineal, which is one of the most valuable natural dyes, Pantone's 18-1750 Viva Magenta will add a touch of vivacious rebelliousness to home color trends for the year ahead.

The Composition of Viva Magenta

Before we get into the many home design trends the Viva Magenta has to offer, let's take a look at its technical data sheet:

HEX Code: BE3455
RGB values:190,52,85

Viva Magenta is a rebellious dark carmine with blue-red hues that is not overbearing, yet presents with an appearance of strength and passion that can only come from nature itself. As the Pantone Color Institute has said, it is an "unconventional shade for an unconventional time". 

Viva Magenta Meaning

Viva Magenta gives force to the human spirit, the strength that led us to navigate a worldwide pandemic that threatened our very existence at every step. Its red origins celebrate life and are reminiscent of the fiery determination that kept humanity working towards a collective goal. These are the qualities that will make Viva Magenta bring new life and vivacity to 2023 interior design color trends.

viva magenta pantone color of the year

As a color based on nature, Viva Magenta signals a return to the natural world, as well as a heightened awareness of climate change, and the protection of our planet's resources. It is a step forward in the appreciation of our environment and a detachment from a world ruled by technology.
Viva Magenta is a color anybody can fall in love with, even though it technically doesn't exist in the natural visible spectrum. Because of the way our eyes work, it is perceived as a combination of blue and red light, with a complete absence of green hues. This makes it a magical color that gives life to plants, flowers, and even the space that divides a double rainbow! This is what gives Viva Magenta an aura of rebellious defiance, representing the victory of life in the absence of its own wavelength.

The Psychological Impact Of Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta is a bold color that represents the embodiment of grace and humanity. A celebration of mankind's resiliency and the desire to get through difficult times with empathy and compassion. Viva Magenta speaks of boldness and coming together. It is also nature's tribute to the collective strength that can see us through the most difficult of times. As a representation of regal elegance, Viva Magenta speaks of a world that can face anything as long as we all work in unison towards a common goal. This makes it the perfect choice for Color of the Year, and should definitely be included in home color trends as a way to send a message that says "We made it to the other side of the pandemic, and we did it together!".

Viva Magenta Interior Design Trends 

Being a member of the red family, Viva Magenta can help you make a powerful statement in a fun way. It can be used in the creation of elegant spaces, whether on its own or in combination with neutral colors, as an accent that livens up a room. Because of this, 2023 interior design trends incorporate the Pantone color of the year in a number of ways for all areas of your home's decor.

Luxury For Your Living Room

An idea we love is creating a space that is brought to life with Viva Magenta accents in the trim of your furniture and other decorative items and accessories to make them stand out from other neutral-colored objects.

viva magenta interior design idea

On the other hand, if you want a room that is full of life and color, you can do the opposite, which is to use Viva Magenta on your walls or furniture and limit the neutral tones to decorative accessories and objects, such as throw pillows or artwork. Psychologically speaking, this use of Viva Magenta will give off an aura of vibrant power in a fun, yet elegant way.

viva magenta living room design idea

Viva Magenta can create spaces that are visually impacting, thanks to its fiery rebelliousness. A great way to achieve this is to create a contrasting space by applying Viva Magenta to your ceiling and maintaining the neutral tone of the surrounding walls. This combination speaks loudly of glamor and luxury, reminiscent of European palaces.

Making A Statement In Your Bedroom

Even with the visual impact it can create, Viva Magenta can help you design a restful and relaxing bedroom by using the color in a single statement wall, against which you place your headboard. By keeping the other walls in a neutral or contrasting color, you can also use magenta accents to highlight the central motive of your room, including a magenta-colored bed bedspread that lends continuity to your room's statement wall.

viva magenta bedroom design idea

Liven Up Your Dining Room

An excellent way to liven up your dining room is by adding magenta contrasting elements like patterned curtains, and magenta-colored chairs. To create an even more beautiful statement, in a subtle way, you can add magenta tones to your glasses and dishes. This will bring the whole concept together into a celebration of life and strength.

viva magenta dining room design idea

Unlike previous years, when light and airy colors became necessary to counteract the effects of global confinement, Viva Magenta, 2023's color of the year, is a representation of freedom, of our ability to return to life again, stepping forward in a bold and energetic manner. The time has come to harness the power and boldness of the Pantone Color of the Year through more than just small accents. So, let your imagination run wild and join the fun and celebratory nature of Viva Magenta by using it in this year's home design trends to make a statement about our collective nature and humanity's victory over adversity.

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