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3 Reasons You Should Relocate To Greenville, SC

March 03, 2023

greenville sc aerial view

Nestled between the coasts of Georgia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is a charming southern city that offers the best of South Carolina to homeowners. With temperate seasons and light winters, Greenville is great for someone who likes light seasons and plenty of sunshine. Additionally, due to its geographic location between Atlanta and Charlotte, it offers plenty of urban experiences for those who don't want to live in a major city but want to enjoy the amenities of one.

It should come as little surprise that so many people relocate to Greenville, SC, from California, Florida, or even neighboring states like Georgia or North Carolina. Greenville offers a small-town experience in a semi-urban experience, and between the charm of the pedestrian-friendly downtown and the tree-lined Main Street, most people who move to Greenville, SC, never look back. Here are 3 reasons you should relocate to Greenville, SC:

1. Incredibly Competitive Low Cost of Living in Greenville  

One of the top reasons people choose to relocate to Greenville, SC, from California or neighboring urban communities is the low cost of living. In Greenville, you see lightly snow-capped mountains in the winter and can easily drive to the beaches in the summer, but without paying the high house prices that come with living in either location. In fact, you can purchase a townhouse in Anderson County in the mid $200s and enjoy the perks of a pre-built neighborhood.

attenborough townhomes cary model

Attenborough Townhomes, for example, feature floorplan options like the Cary, which offers 1,884 square feet, two-and-a-half baths, and three bedrooms for around $290,000. The Cary also has an attached, one-car garage and an upstairs loft that overlooks the family room. Toss in granite countertops and a covered rear porch and you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous townhome. 

2. Low Property Taxes Enhance Home Ownership in Greenville  

Another reason many new homeowners move to Greenville, SC, from more expensive states is the low property taxes. Property taxes can quickly increase the upfront costs of owning a mortgage, but low property taxes help enhance the already low cost of living in Greenville. Take, for example, the Harrington Community, where homes start in the low $300s. A home that is worth $300k in Greenville will only cost about $2,600 in property taxes. Even moving up into the $400k bracket is affordable with a property tax that is approximately $3,200 per year.

harrington community arlington model

What is more impressive is how much square footage you get for $300k with such low property taxes. The Arlington model within the Harrington Community offers 2,205 square feet for around $330,000. The modern home features two-and-a-half baths, three bedrooms, two floors, a two-car garage, and a walk-in closet in the primary bedroom. The allure doesn't end there, as all community members also have access to two community swimming pools, a playground with slides and swings, and several outdoor gathering areas with stone fire pits.


3. Improved Quality of Life Is A Top Reason People Relocate to Greenville, SC

While the amenities of homes within Eastwood Homes Greenville Communities certainly help improve the quality of life of homeowners in the bustling city, they are not the only reason to move to Greenville, SC. The quality of life in Greenville is highly desirable for several reasons starting with the dozens of shopping plazas that make up the tree-lined downtown streets. The vibrant city comes alive with music, festivals, sidewalk dining, and art galleries throughout the year, and there is always an alluring event to enjoy.

downtown greenville

The geographic location of Greenville also makes it a delight to call home, as it is only 30 miles from the Appalachian Mountains and 175 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. That means a weekend getaway can quickly turn into a beach getaway, and a lazy Saturday can be spent hiking across the mountain range. Plus, you have plenty of days to enjoy these natural delights because of the mild winter in Greenville. While the city still has four seasons, there are only about 75 days of a very mild winter, with spring and fall temperatures in the sixties or seventies, and in the eighties for the summer months.

greenville bike path

When you combine all of these factors, it's obvious why Greenville has been named one of the top five US cities for both low living costs and quality of life. Eastwood Homes can help you find a new home if you want to relocate to Greenville, SC. Now is the time to sell your home, move to Greenville, SC, enjoy a slower pace of life, and retire early! Due to the lowered cost of living, you don't even have to downgrade your residence! In Greenville, you simply get more square footage for your money. Find your next home today with Eastwood Homes!


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