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Living in Greenville, SC

February 20, 2019

The city of Greenville, SC

Have you ever thought about picking up and relocating? It can be one of the most difficult decisions of your life. Whether you’re choosing a location because of work, lifestyle, or even weather, we think Greenville, SC is a good place to live.

About Greenville

Greenville, SC has truly transformed over the years. From a small town just off the Blue Ridge Parkway to now a bustling metropolitan, you can really feel the growth of this city. This is especially true for the downtown area which is the focal point for new businesses, great restaurants, and town festivals like Fall for Greenville.



In 2020, Greenville, SC ranked 22nd for Best Places to Live in America by Business Insider, and it's no wonder why! Location is key and Greenville has a big-city feel without all the hassle. You can enjoy the 10-block Main Street which is lined with amazing restaurants, shopping, and bars! Or, if you’re looking to slow down the pace for the weekend, you're only a few miles from the gorgeous mountains. It truly is the best of both worlds.


Greenville's bustling downtown is also a growing job market for professionals. Many large companies have seen the city’s growth and are taking note. Including some big-name players like GE which houses their largest gas turbine manufacturing plant right in Greenville. Another major corporation that has a notable footprint here is Michelin. Michelin produces the majority of its tires in Greenville and employs over 8,500 people! These big-name brands play a major role in the city but there is also a large amount of small local-owned businesses that give the city its personality.


Weather also plays a large role in where people decide to move. If you’re trying to get away from the freezing winters in the north or the brutal high temperatures in the south, then Greenville just might be the place for you! With the average high being 70 and the average low being 50, Greenville offers residents the perfect balance of seasons!

Outdoor Activities & Parks

Greenville has tons, and we mean tons, of outdoor space for everyone to enjoy! The popular 15-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail takes you through the downtown area. Or, take a quick stop at the beautiful Falls Park where you can admire waterfalls and the landmark suspension bridge! We can’t forget about the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains just a short drive away for residents to hike and sightsee.

These are just a few of the ways you can enjoy the year-long gorgeous weather. Other parks include Lake Conestee Nature Park, Gower Estates Park, Cleveland Park, and more!


Moving to Greenville, SC

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll find something that Greenville has to offer. If you’re looking to retire, then seriously look no further! In 2018 Greenville ranked as the 27th best place to retire in the US. The second highest reason why it was ranked this way is because of the cost of living! This family-friendly town has a median housing cost that is $62,000 less than the national average, making it an extremely desirable location!

Best Places to Live in Greenville, SC

At Eastwood, we are proud to build in one of the nation’s best places to live! If you’re considering moving to Greenville from across the country or even from a nearby town, we just might have the perfect neighborhood for you!

We have 9 Greenville, SC neighborhoods located in:


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