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Staycation With a Relaxing Primary Suite

September 04, 2015

Relaxing Primary Suite

Today is the beginning of a long weekend for most of us as we celebrate the Labor Day holiday. This weekend marks the end of the summer vacation season. We’ve taken trips to the beach, gone camping, sent the kids to Grandma’s, and hopefully managed to sneak in a weekend getaway, too. This weekend marks the beginning of getting back to a routine and returning to the grind, so to speak. And while some families may be taking it to the road this weekend for one last hurrah, others are likely staying in and recovering from a hectic summer before a whole new type of hectic kicks in this fall.

No matter how crazy life gets, our Eastwood homeowners always have a sanctuary - a retreat from all that life throws at us – a primary suite.

What is a Primary Suite?

A primary suite is a spacious main bedroom with an en suite bathroom, only accessible from the bedroom. 

They offer plenty of room for a king-size bed that will make you feel like royalty and a walk-in closet fit for a queen. They come with en suite bathrooms that parents can mark as kid-free zones (hopefully) and keep the fancy bath salts and bubble baths away from the youngsters. Some even have calming sitting rooms for the end-all-be-all primary suite spaces.

Even with all that, our homeowners still need to transform these primary suites into their ideal weekend staycation destination. Our friends at Houzz have studied what homeowners want in their main bedrooms in a 2015 bedroom study. We thought we’d share the results to help with inspiration!

Primary Bedroom Decor Ideas


When decorating a main bedroom, an overwhelming majority of Houzz Survey takers voted they preferred a calming design! Calming accounted for 77% of the responses! Cozy came in the number two spot with 41 percent of responses and romantic rounded it out in third with 32 percent. The specific style was a toss-up, however, with 16 percent of homeowners choosing a transitional design and another 16 percent choosing a contemporary design. Modern design and traditional design followed with 13 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

Stylish and beautiful were the most valued aspects of bedroom design with 73 percent. More than half of respondents also said their bedroom must be a sanctuary and reflect their personality. And it has to be comfortable with three-quarters of respondents agreeing.


More than 9 of 10 homeowners choose paint for their walls. But the color choice is more evenly split. However, there is a theme. Most often the color choice is a softer choice of white, cream, gray, or blue.


Here’s where the stats really get interesting. There is no clear winner in bed size – it’s nearly even with 46 percent choosing a queen and 44 percent choosing a king.


Carpeting is the top choice for flooring in 49 percent of primary bedrooms with 26 percent choosing hardwood.


In the South, more than half (59 percent) of the survey respondents chose ceiling fans. It must be a regional thing because only 36 percent chose them in the Northeast. We know that televisions in the primary bedroom can be an area of debate among couples, but 87 percent of respondents did add a TV to their room and 74 percent of those people chose a wall-mounted model.

No matter what your personal preference is for your primary bedroom, it is a great space to express your personal design choices. This is your retreat and it can be exactly what you want it to be! Wallpaper or paint, closet organizer or not, put your mark on this room.

Are you looking for a new design for your main bedroom? You can find some of our inspiring primary retreats in our Eastwood Homes online photo galleries. Or, if you’ve already designed your perfect space, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us about your favorite feature of your room in the comments below! 

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