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Benefits of Owning a Boat Dock

April 25, 2023

Eastwood Homes Boat Dock

Top Boat Dock Benefits 

If you are one of the lucky few who owns a home by a lake or other large body of water, then you already have the luxury of enjoying the water at will. However, you can enhance the amenities accessible to you within your own home by purchasing a home that has a boat dock. 

Imagine having the freedom to take your boat out on the water at sunrise or to fish with your children or grandchildren without the hassle of loading your boat onto the trailer hitch. When you purchase a new home with a boat dock any day can be a day spent out on the water, which makes it a powerful investment and thrill all at once. There are many Eastwood Homes in South Carolina for sale with a boat dock, or permitted for a boat dock. Find out why your next home needs to be one of them! 

Increased Property Value 

Want to know the number one reason to purchase a home for sale with a boat dock? Because it's an financially smart decision. Even if you only use your boat dock a few times a year, its presence will boost your property value significantly. This is why when weighing the potential dock benefits of a custom-built home, you need to view a dock as a property enhancement - not just a fun perk. 

The same way that a modernized kitchen will attract more buyers, the presence of a boat dock will attract buyers who will appreciate that they don't have to worry about building their own. It also adds a lot of immediate curb appeal to your home before showings even start. Depending on what market and location your home sits in, a dock could make it more valuable in the eyes of buyers than even the home itself. It's a home improvement that can bring in thousands more if you go to resale your home in the future.

Accessible and Convenient 

One of the major benefits of owning a home with its own boat dock is that it creates new opportunities for you to spend time on the water. You don't have to worry about commute time or having to wake up early and drive hours to reach your destination - your boat is a few steps away from your back door. Even better, you don't have to worry about paying boat docking fees or loading your boat onto a trailer. Your boat can sit at your home boat dock free of charge all season, completely accessible to you.

Forget the Hassle of Boat Marinas 

We know how crowded marinas can get. During peak vacation times and holidays, marinas can get extremely crowded cutting into your precious time on the water. No one enjoys spending an hour in queue to get out of the marina, but with a private boat dock, you won't have to.

Enhanced Boat Security 

As a bonus, a home dock is a lot more secure than a public or even private boat marina where there are dozens of people wandering along the docks at any given time. When you dock at a marina your boat is largely unguarded and unsupervised, but when your boat is docked near your home you can keep an eye on it yourself. This also greatly decreases the chances of incidental damage from another boat passing by at the marina.

Multi-Purpose Boat Docks

Once your boat dock is built, you can use it for whatever you like. You can dock your kayak, fishing boat, paddleboat, or just use it to get on a paddle board with the kids. Many people enjoy watching the sunset/sunrise from their boat dock, and it's undeniable that the simple presence of a boat dock creates the perfect background for family photos.

Eastwood Homes for Sale With Boat Docks

Eastwood Homes features two communities that offer South Carolina homes for sale with boat docks, or permitted for a boat dock. Woodleigh Park is built around Lake Carolina and features homes like the Atherton, which offers a permit boat dock location. 

Church Creek Landing is the second Eastwood Homes community and offers homeowners the choice between custom homes with a private dock or custom homes that have a shared dock, both already built. For those who want a dock but are not as heavily invested in having one to themselves may find the shared dock option for Church Creek Landing works great. It's also a great way to meet your neighbors and develop local relationships in your new neighborhood.

The Cosgrove Model model is a great example of a private dock home while the Murray shines with its spacious layout and shared dock bonus. If you are specifically looking for South Carolina homes for sale with boat docks, Eastwood Homes has a selection of modern and sleek homes ready to tempt any homebuyer.

Boat Dock FAQs 

What to consider before purchasing a home with a dock? 

  • Some things to consider before purchasing a home with a dock is whether or not the dock has power and water hookups. If not, these may be things you would like to add after closing. Also, keep in mind that some maintenance will be required to maintain the dock. 

If I purchase a home with a dock permit available, will this dock be shared once I receive my permit?

  • While each dock permit would vary by agency granting the permit, the permits for docks in Woodleigh Park at Lake Carolina would be for private docks only, meaning only for access by that homeowner. 

Are all of the private docks located directly behind the homes?

  • Yes, the private docks are directly behind the homes. The shared docks typically straddle the shared property line. 

How many houses will have access to the shared dock?

  • ​If it is a private dock, only the homeowners will have access to the shared dock. However, in the case of shared docks at Eastwood Homes, that will be both sets of homeowners. 

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