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My Home Story: The Corrihers

November 14, 2016

The Corriher family

Building a new home is an exciting time! Unfortunately, anything exciting and new also comes with nerves, questions, and occasionally anxious anticipation! These emotions are even more elevated for a homebuyer who is not local and who cannot drive by their homesite to check the progress of their new home frequently. 

We understand all of those feelings here at Eastwood Homes. Many of us have built a new home ourselves, and we’ve walked thousands of buyers through the process, with a good percentage of them hundreds of miles away! Recently, we’ve implemented a new app to help all of our buyers feel connected to their new homes, whether they currently live five minutes down the road or five hours away.

Our My Home Story app allows our New Home Specialists to send photo updates to our buyers weekly. Our buyers (and their Realtors) receive an email or text notification alerting them of new photos and a link to the updated blog that they can share on social media, or directly with their family and friends.

This was invaluable for one of our newest homeowners, Jessica Corriher, who relied on the updates while she and her family were living with Jessica’s parents in Greenville, NC, a five-hour drive from their new home in Walnut Creek, Indian Land, SC.

“Using social media during our house build was invaluable to our family,” Jessica said. “It afforded us the ability to continue to live our lives and prepare for our move while staying as involved as if we had been right there. The use of social media fostered a strong partnership and trust with our builder.”

The Corrihers had just returned to the States after an earthquake happened in April in Ecuador where they had been living for a few years. Having previously lived in Ballantyne and with Jessica’s job in south Charlotte, the Charlotte area made sense for their new home. With a small child, schools and amenities were a top priority, and that led them to Walnut Creek.

“We chose Walnut Creek over other communities due to the schools and proximity to everything we enjoy about Charlotte,” she said. “The amenities in Walnut Creek were absolutely amazing  It is a place where you can come home on Friday and not have to leave until Monday unless you want to. Kids and adults alike have so much to choose from here. I am a runner and can train safely for races without having to leave home. Very cool!”

They became all too familiar with home repairs while living in Ecuador. This time around, they wanted to focus on the “like-tos” of life instead of the “have-tos” of constant remodeling and upgrades in their home. After walking a handful of floorplans, they toured a Drexel.

“The second we stepped inside, Johnny and I both just said ‘We're home,’” Jessica stated. “Having a very open floor plan to entertain and have folks over and engaged was what did it.  We love to cook and can be in the kitchen talking to people in the living area or dining and not miss a beat.  The Drexel also offers plenty of space for my in-laws to come to visit for months at a time and not feel crowded.  We can have blended family gatherings and no one is cramped or flipping for the sofa.”  

“Buying new was new for us but the Eastwood team made it easy and worry-free,” she continued, adding that there weren’t any hidden costs or surprises. “With Eastwood, we loved the neighborhood layouts, designs, and finishes offered. They are head and shoulders above other builders, in my opinion.”

Still, the anticipation of building new was tough, especially being so many miles away. Eastwood Homes New Home Specialist Chris Sharkey was able to help put their mind at ease with regular updates.

“Being remote we relied on our ‘home story,’ our realtor and Chris to keep us up-to-date and in the loop,” she said. “We received updates weekly if not twice a week with pictures and info. Those were the most anticipated days of the week.”

And now, the Corrihers are settling into their new home in Walnut Creek!

“We have been in our home a few weeks now and could not be happier,” Jessica said. “Everything we thought it would be, it is, and we can go about the business of enjoying our life as a family!”

To see their entire My Home Story blog, from start to finish, along with a picture of their completed home, visit:


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