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Modern Design Trends for 2018

February 02, 2018

Curved tile and wood flooring look

Funky Design Trends

Here at Eastwood Homes, we love all things design, from traditional to farmhouse, to modern.  Whether it be a distressed window frame against a wall of shiplap, or living room furniture with clean metallic finishes underneath a streamlined light feature, we’re all about it. In today’s blog, we’re leaning towards the funky and focusing on some cutting-edge trends that tend to be more modern, but can be incorporated into any design!   

Don’t be square – Who says our floors have to follow traditional straight lines? If you want to live on the edge, throw out those preconceptions when doing your next flooring project and work outside the lines! Having multiple flooring types in one space can be difficult to pull off without a feeling of disconnect, but if done successfully it can add to a room and bring with it a feeling of customization. One of the newest trends in flooring that we’ve found embraces this formerly challenging feature and turns it into an aesthetic centerpiece in your home! Draw attention to the juxtaposition between materials by moving away from straight lines and considering a curved line, or even create an ombre border effect where the materials transform from one to the other by mixing them together. There really is no limit to creativity in this area!

Graphic tiles – Just like there is no limit to the way you can marry two pieces of flooring (with the right know-how and tools of course), there is no limit to the look and design of tiles these days! What a time to be alive, right?!? Summon your inner graphic designer, and consider mixing tiles to create color blocking or intricate patterns in your kitchen, bath, fireplace, and more! Or simply just mix and match similarly colored tiles! Love metallic? Then embrace it and incorporate accent pieces of metallic tiles into your backsplash. (We love that idea for the record!)

Feel it – Texture is one of the current buzzwords in interior design. We’ve written about incorporating texture into your room design in several of our blogs, too. But while researching some of the newest ideas in design including graphic tiles, we came across textured tiles. Now, we know backsplashes have incorporated multiple materials in tiles (such as glass, marble, and metal all in one backsplash) for added texture for years and wood-look tiles are all about combining hand-scraped texture with durability… but some of these textured tiles take this trend even further such as a pebble feel inside a glass base or intricate designs with raised areas for added aesthetic feel.

Deviating doors – According to some designers, builder-grade doors are out. We tried not to take that personally and instead explored this trend with open minds and doors. We instantly fell in love when we saw a modern door with pieces of frosted glass inlaid on the wooden door. It featured a sleek door handle that supported the minimalist design and made us swoon. Upgrading your doors in your home, whether brand new or an older home, can immediately change the curb appeal of your home as well as the feel of the home from the inside. And, of course, interior designs have the same show-stopping effect when updating your home.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite inspirational photos on our Modern Design Trends Pinterest board. There's plenty more design fun on our board so be sure to check them out to find your own inspiration! Have an idea we’ve completely missed? Share it in the comments below. We love hearing from you!


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