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New Home Gift Ideas for the Holidays

December 04, 2015

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For new homeowners, especially first-time homeowners, the holidays can be a monumental occasion – a milestone that they have been envisioning for years. Spending their first holiday season in their home is certainly an event that should be celebrated!

Family and friends of the new homeowner can help mark this special occasion with gifts especially geared toward new homeowners. No matter the gift, it helps to show the new homeowner in your life that you know how significant this time is for them, and that you are celebrating it with them!

To help you get started, we’ve collected a few of our favorite ideas to help inspire gift-giving for new homeowners this holiday season! You can find all of these and more on our Pinterest page titled "Housewarming."


For those homeowners who will be decorating a Christmas tree during their holiday season, a personalized ornament signifying their first Christmas in their new home could be just what they are hoping for. There are so many options for ornaments, from DIY glass ornaments to custom-painted ornaments designed to look just like the exterior of the home. While more expensive, this would certainly be a gift that gets special attention during the Christmas season. Another idea is to simply make a copy of their door key and attach a ribbon with the date they closed on their new home to be hung from the tree. Or, make an impression mold of the home key and decorate it with the closing date. This personalized gift will likely be a favorite ornament for years to come.

Personalized home décor

Depending on how many months the new homeowners have been in their new home, they may not have had a chance to buy the little things yet that make a house their home. Consider gifting them personalized home décor such as a monogrammed welcome mat, a “home established” sign featuring the date they closed on their home, or monogrammed towels for a guest bathroom.  Another unique gift idea is a personalized wooden cutting board with their monogram or established date burned into the wood. These are all items that may be on their wish list but that they haven’t had a chance to purchase yet.

Address stamper

Never has a home address been as important as when it is the address of someone’s first home. While snail mail may not be as common as it was just a few years ago, it is still a necessary part of life and oftentimes it is used for those special occasion mailings like birthdays and holidays. A nice address stamper is an affordable gift that will be appreciated each and every time it is used. This is another one of those items that new homeowners wish for but it often falls to the bottom of their “to buy” list.


Home maintenance books

One of the biggest lessons of homeownership is knowing what home maintenance needs to be done regularly. Another big lesson for new homeowners is that hiring a handyman to do home maintenance can be expensive! The solution: learn how to do the minor home maintenance items yourself, such as grout work and caulking. There are many resources for instructions and tips on home maintenance projects, but we particularly like the easy-to-understand "Home Maintenance for Dummies." These series of books are generally straightforward and a great place to get started.

Are you a new homeowner, or know someone who is? What holiday gift do you want or suggest for new homeowners celebrating their first holiday in their new home? Just comment below!

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