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HVAC Maintenance Tips

November 13, 2019

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As many of our homeowners are experiencing an early-season arctic weather system that has our home office in Charlotte shivering Wednesday morning at 25 degrees, we are ever so thankful for heating systems that work!

Temperatures dropped by 30 degrees on Tuesday! Our homeowners and their families woke up to freezing temperatures on Wednesday. In an area known as the Sunny South, many of us are wondering what has happened to our brief Autumn season. Rest assured, we will have warmer temperatures as soon as next week, but in the meantime, let’s focus on getting warm now!

Regular maintenance of our HVAC systems is key to their long-term health. This means scheduling maintenance appointments with local professionals twice a year, ideally during “shoulder seasons,” meaning spring and fall when your heat and air is needed the least.

Another great tip: turn your furnace on at least three times before winter weather fully arrives. It’s safe to say, we all have our heaters running now, but thanks to some chilly nights already, you’ve probably had your heater on a few times already.

At other times throughout the year, watch out for unusual odors, abnormal noises, and leaks in your ductwork. These are signs that something may be wrong, and worth a call to an HVAC technician.

Don’t forget to change your air filters and clean your air vents regularly. Check your filter at least monthly and don’t go longer than 90 days between replacement (although our team recommends replacing monthly). Keep extra filters stocked, too. Many of us may only consider cleaning air vents during those deep spring cleans, but keep an eye on those vents for dust and dirt buildup because ventilation blockages can cause inefficient airflow. Did you know that replacing a dirty filter can improve energy use by 5 to 15 percent!

Since our temperatures do not get extreme too often, experts may not recommend that we commit to fully winterizing our outdoor air conditioning units, but there are still some tips that will help us get the most life out of our outside unit. In the spring, wash your air conditioning unit with a hose and remove any debris and dirt. Allow it to dry completely. Regular check-ups for your air conditioning unit also ensure that it is running with enough refrigerant, which can escape over time.

If your home has a gas fireplace, we recommend having an expert clean your gas logs yearly. This will prevent dust build up with can cause malfunctioning.

By following these helpful tips, you’ll be giving yourself and your HVAC system the best chance at a long life, and be ensuring you and your family enjoys a comfortable home!  

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