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Landscaping Tips for Beginners

March 14, 2018

Flowers Crest Model Home in Clayton, NC

Even though it’s unusually cold this March, it’s a perfect time to figure out your landscaping plan! Whether you are buying a new home, or maybe you’ve settled into your perfect home, it’s never too soon to plan your landscaping projects. Below are 5 quick tips to help your wheels start turning!

1. Make a list!

This may seem trivial, but we encourage you to drive your community and take note of landscaping trends that you like and don’t like. Then narrow down your “wish list” and choose a style that best suits you and your lifestyle. Hint: If you’re a jet setter, you may not want plants that need a lot of attention!

2. Do a little research.

Use your “wish list” to research tips on maintenance, weather restrictions, and setting a budget. From there, you’ll want to visit your local home improvement or garden store with your set “wish list” and budget. Trust your home improvement or garden store experts as they will be able to assist with figuring out the best plants and solutions for your area’s climate.

3. Scale your landscaping.

To have a charming yard you should aim to create a cohesive look. It’s okay to have a variation of colors, shapes, and sizes as long as there’s a sense of cohesion. Repeat a few elements, but we encourage you to occasionally add a new element to subtly stand out. Don’t go overboard! Simple is always best!

4. Start in the front.

You may want to jump into improving your backyard because that’s where you feel the safest and where you’ll spend the most time in your yard. But hear us out - curb appeal is about making a good first impression, so why not make sure your landscaping is in check in the front? We encourage you to keep your lawn trim and neat to maximize your home’s curb appeal.


5. Keep it simple!

If you’re not a natural green thumb, begin your landscaping project by planting a flower bed. Whether it’s around your mailbox or under a window, flowers are a great starting point for any beginner! Then move on and experiment with plants and add them to your flower bed. (Tip: add bark-type mulch to prevent weed growth!)


Landscape Design Terms You’ll Want to Know:

  • Deciduous: To reduce energy consumption, you’ll want to plant these trees in your yard! They will lose their leaves each year but will shade your home in the warmer months.

  • Perennial: Flowering plants that will bloom each year after they’re planted.

  • Annual: Flowering plants that only bloom for a season. You’ll need to replant them each year.

  • Barrier Plants: Plants to keep the bad guys away! (They usually have thorns or other unappealing characteristics.)

At Eastwood, we pride ourselves on providing you with a home that you’ll be proud to come home to. If you’re looking for a new home in Charlotte, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh, Richmond, or the Greensboro Area, we have spacious homesites with room for you to roam and relax. Do you have any landscaping tips for beginners? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for creating a lush garden or yard!


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