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Embrace the New Year with a new interior design

December 31, 2015

Time for New Year

The celebration of the New Year often adds pressure to have a new look, so why not toast off the New Year with a freshly decorated home? After surveying 400 distinguished designers, Zillow digs expertly lists the top design trends for 2016. While learning what’s hot and what’s not- we had fun getting ideas on how to embrace boldness and style in our interior designs.

Trends to embrace

Art deco

Making a bold comeback, art deco is predicted to be popular with its trademark honeycomb and stunning geometric patterns. The additions of these elegant shapes are ideal to add dimension to any space. We appreciate the creativity and sophistication these patterns can contribute to the style of a home. Along with this trend, experts predict it will be desirably paired with gold lighting fixtures. We love the idea of this eye-catching pair and hope to see it a lot in our homes in 2016.

Nubby wool rugs

To soften the boldness of popular patterns, nubby wool area rugs are expected to be a popular statement piece this year. With their neutral hues, these rugs are ideal to add an indoor/outdoor vibe. We feel inspired to incorporate these natural rugs into our living rooms!

Encaustic tiles

Who knew that clay tiles would become so popular? These beautifully decorated clay tiles can be a focal point to any room. We think you should use these to add a daring burst of color to your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Artisan accent pieces

Showing off your travel souvenirs and flea market treasures has quickly grown in popularity. We love how these pieces add a unique story to a home. Due to the high demand for one-of-a-kind pieces, experts are predicting an increase in production by global artisans to meet these demands. Who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind statement piece?


Trends to leave behind

Chalkboard paint

While chalkboard paint is a great tool for labeling food, it’s a trend that should be left behind in 2015. Chalk smudges easily and needs nearly perfect handwriting to look chic. Why not keep this idea for labeling and try a different route for decorating your walls, maybe the art deco look?


The design trends for 2016 highlight statement pieces that are stylish, bold, and with a touch of softness. Burlap is none of these things and should stay out of your interior design.

Mason Jars

We think it’s time to retire these. Yes, they are great for storing food and on-the-go snacks, but as far as decorating your home with them- it’s time to put them away.


Soft colors may be the way to go

It’s hard to talk about design trends without mentioning color. For the first time, Pantone has declared the combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity as the color of the year. Together, the shades embrace warmth and tranquility with a connection to wellness and a sense of order. We love the softness of these colors and the combination is inspiring!

Equally inspiring, Sherwin Williams has dubbed Alabaster as color of the year for 2016. We love the classic look of this color because it leads to a lot of avenues for decorating.


So, we would love to know what you think. What would you say is a must-have for your home in 2016? Are you willing to embrace these trends or will you keep the ones you love?

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