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Let Your Eastwood Smart Home Work For You!

February 05, 2019

Eastwood Homes Connected with Care Smart Home

Eastwood Homes is excited to announce our new Connected with Care program!

We are connecting with longtime business partner CPI Security and their Smart Home System to bring the best secure network and innovative technology to our homes! This is a huge leap forward in technology development and we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. With the increase of competitors offering smart home technology, Eastwood Homes is proud to offer a package that is tailored to the needs of our customers! True to our Built with Care philosophy, we have selected advanced products that focus on usability.

Driven by one app and a strong Wi-Fi network we know the Connected with Care program is just what homebuyers are looking for! Our package includes an Eero hub and beacon, a Skybell doorbell camera, a Sonos1 with voice integration, a Schlage door lock, and Z-wave thermostats and light switches. Below are more details on each of our carefully chosen products!

One App: It’s amazing to be connected with one app. One easy-to-use app that can control everything. With the app, you can keep tabs on your home and loved ones when you’re away. Or use the app to check who’s at your door late at night, rather than going to the front door. You can also use it to keep tabs on your pets! Tell your dog to stay away from your favorite plants by using your smart home app!

Eero Hub and Beacon: Never worry about Wi-Fi again with Eero! Eastwood Homes understands that in the digital age, having a strong Wi-Fi network is imperative to everyone. Eero is a mesh network for your smart home that ensures your devices are getting the Wi-Fi signal they need to function at peak performance- keeping everything connected. Want to turn your Wi-Fi off at a certain time in the evening? With the Eero, you can have full control of which devices are connected! That’s right- you can turn off your children’s Wi-Fi network and you can still be connected.

inTouch/Skybell Doorbell Camera: Always know who’s at your front door! With motion sensors, digital microphone and speaker, you can answer the door, speak to visitors, and unlock the door- all from our app! Feel comfortable with leaving your children at home and never worry about your home deliveries again!

Sonos1 with Voice Integration: Voice control gives you the ultimate authority over your smart home! Enjoy rich, room filling audio from your Sonos1 by connecting to your Amazon or Google Home device.

Schlage Lock: Whether you forget to lock up after going out, or you need to let your neighbor in to feed your pets, your Eastwood Smart Home allows you to lock and unlock the door. You can customize alerts to let you know who is coming and going no matter where you are. What a great way to keep tabs of your teenagers! Plus, your lock will be powered by Z-Wave, a much more secure network than Wi-Fi, unlike other smart home providers.

Z-Wave Thermostat: Take control of your energy use and power bill by automating your temperature settings! Remotely access and control the temperature, set custom schedules, receive critical temperature alerts and create location-based automation all with the convenience of your one app!

Z-Wave Light Switch: Your Eastwood Smart Home comes with 4 smart switches. One located in the Master Bedroom, Front Porch, Kitchen, and Living Room. With ease you can set schedules to turn lights on and off automatically. This is one of our favorite features in making your home appear “active” when you’re away! Homes that appear to be empty are more prone to burglaries when homeowners are on vacation. 


We are proud to offer our Connected with Care program in all of our divisions. Visit any of our Eastwood Homes communities today to learn how our homes are Connected with Care! While some communities offer it as a standard feature, others offer it as an optional feature that you can add-on. Whether you’re in the market for a new home in Charlotte, Raleigh, or the Triad area of NC; Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville, SC- we would love to meet with you and chat about our Smart Home products! Click on the video to hear about how the Connected with Care program began!

You can schedule your appointment by emailing our Internet Team or by calling 866-551-7995!