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Maintenance Videos

Maintenance Videos

How to Care for Your Eastwood Home

As a homeowner, there are a variety of maintenance items that you will likely need to address over time in order to keep your home looking great and working properly. The helpful videos below will guide you through several typical home maintenance projects. We will be adding to this list periodically, so be sure to check back often for new videos!

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As a home swells and shrinks due to humidity, cracking can appear especially along doors and stairs. Simple caulking can remedy this.

Door Jamb

Occasionally as a home swells and shrinks due to humidity, you may need to adjust your door jamb. Here's a tutorial on how to do so.

Garbage Disposal

Maintenance tips to keep your garbage disposal working its best and avoid clogs.

GFCI Outlets

How to locate, test, and reset the GFCI Outlets in your home.

Nail Pops

Nail pops are a common occurrence in new homes. Fixing them can be a quick and painless process.

Paint Touch Up

Scuffs and marks on your paint are inevitable, no matter how careful we are. Properly touching up the paint can remedy the problem.

Shower Tile

Maintaining shower tile grout can seem daunting, but our tips will help you knock out this task.


Weatherstripping is a great way to help save energy costs and keep your home comfortable.

Here at Eastwood Homes, we stand behind the workmanship of every home we build. We want you to be happy with your new Eastwood Home for many years to come!

Maintenance Videos