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Sunroom Essentials

April 30, 2019

Have you ever thought about adding a sunroom to your home? Sunrooms can not only maximize your space in a home but are perfect for year-round enjoyment. In the winter, it is a nice getaway space that will bring in that natural light we all crave, and in the summer, it will be a warm oasis to feel like your outside without all the bugs and heat. Who doesn’t love that?

Not only is a sunroom a place for every season, but it can help make indoor-outdoor living possible! Imagine sitting in your sunroom with your patio door open letting the fresh air in, or sitting there with a hot cocoa feeling the cool winter breeze.

One of our favorite parts about a sunroom is its versatility. Sunrooms can be whatever you make them! A coffee nook, a yoga space, an extra dining room, or even a reading space. The list goes on! You can easily modify this space to fit your needs which is why it is one of our favorite home additions. Need some help on ideas? Well, we have you covered!

  1. Dining table and chairs

Some things that we love to have in our sunrooms are a dining table and chairs. It gives you that extra space to have company over and it’s a great room for cards and boardgames!


  1. Plants

Another essential we like to have in this space is plants. Green instantly adds that homey feel and the plants will get to soak up all that natural light. This is a perfect space for those of us without a green thumb.


  1. Lounge Area/ Couch

If you’re looking for a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun’s warmth, then this option is definitely for you! A comfy wicker couch and coffee table make this the perfect spot in the house to sit back with coffee or a glass of wine and unwind.

4. Music

This may be the one that most people overlook. Add some music and it will take your sunroom to the next level, whatever your setup is!

5. Ceiling Fan
You won’t regret getting a ceiling fan in this area of the house, especially on those hot summer days, the room can get a bit toasty so a nice breeze will really liven up the space.


What’s your favorite part of your sunroom?


Looking to find your perfect Eastwood home and get that added sunroom? We have an array of plans throughout our 8 divisions (Charlotte NC, Triad NC, Raleigh NC, Greenville SC, Columbia SC, Charleston SC, Richmond VA, and Atlanta GA) that will be able to make your sunroom dreams a realty! Contact our internet specialist team today with questions at 866-551-7995.

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