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Sunroom Decorating and Design Ideas

February 23, 2017


Sunroom. Sun parlor. Sun porch. Patio room. Florida room. No matter what you call it, the desirability of having a sunroom is undeniable. Many of Eastwood’s floorplans offer our buyers the option of adding a sunroom onto their home, and according to our team of New Home Specialists, it is one of the most wished-for features!

Sunrooms not only pack on additional and valuable square footage but they give homeowners a flexible and sun-filled space that can be customized for a variety of needs, such as a reading room, indoor garden, home office, craft room, art space, and yoga studio. The options are as endless as the number of our homeowners many hobbies!

With so many possibilities for a unique and personalized space, the interior design options are plentiful, too. There are no rules to decorating your sunroom. However, we do encourage you to embrace one idea: play off all the natural sunlight from those windows in your sunroom! Here are a few ideas for transforming your sunroom into your favorite room in your home!

Comfortable discomfort: This room, in all its sunny glory, is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone of neutrals. Be as bold as the sun and go bright with pinks, turquoises and chartreuse! And feel free to mix fabrics instead of matching them, according to tips from Southern Living. If you’re worried about going over the top, keep your floors and walls pattern free, but add those patterns to draperies and pillows. A basic palette on your walls and floors will allow you to freshen up your space by just changing out those accessories. And mix in white for a clean, fresh look. Bright colors will also reflect the heat, unlike dark colors, which is important on a hot Southern day!

Au naturale: Go green and bring the nature indoors. If your sunroom faces a wooded backyard or other natural landscape, use the great outdoors as the base of your design palette. Make a statement and consider incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year “Greenery” into the space through wall color or accent pieces and – keep the theme going – and incorporate actual living greenery through potted plants, hanging plants and vertical gardens.

Entertainment extended: We all know that the kitchen has become the gathering area when we entertain. If your sunroom is near your kitchen, you can extend your entertainment space by simply adding a beverage station, a.k.a. bar, in the sunroom. This will give your guests one more option to congregate, which may be an especially good idea if you are nervous already about your cooking skills! (We wouldn’t know anything about that at all! :))

Texture matters: If you watch any design shows, or surf the web for design tips, you know that designing with texture in mind is important. Let’s start with the basics: the floor. In a sunroom, one of the top tips is to avoid carpeting because a solid surface like tile or Luxury Vinyl Plank will absorb the heat from the sun and help keep the space cozy on a cold day. When decorating with accessories, keep texture in mind and incorporate it into crocheted throw pillows and soft, plush rugs, for example. Wicker baskets keep reading materials stowed away neatly and also add their own textural element to the space.

No matter your decorating style, the fact is, sunrooms add value to a home because homebuyers want them. According to a recent survey in Builder Magazine, sunrooms are the third most popular amenity requested in homes over $250,000. And homes with a properly designed sunroom tend to sell faster and for far more money than those without. Do you agree? Do you dream of soaking up the sun inside a sunroom? How would you decorate your sunroom?

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