Construction- Homesite to Home

All Phases of Construction


The foundation is the concrete structure that supports your entire home. Soil conditions are inspected and verified on each homesite, and your Builder performs a quality inspection prior to pouring any concrete. Once the municipal inspector has conducted their inspection and found the job to be in compliance with applicable building codes, the foundation is placed.


The frame makes up the shell and skeleton of your home.  It defines the interior room layouts, and along with the foundation, provides the structural integrity of the home. Framing may last several weeks. Once the exterior sheathing and roofing are installed and the home has been sufficiently completed to keep wind, rain, or other weather elements out, the rough mechanicals can begin.

Rough Mechanicals

If the frame is the skeleton, then the rough mechanicals are the internal organs of your home. During this phase, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring are introduced to the structure. Siding and masonry may also begin during this period. If you’ve opted for any special security systems, central vacuum or pre-wiring for your stereo and entertainment centers, installation takes place at this point. The home is then ready for insulation and applicable municipal frame and mechanical inspections. 


This is the midway point of the building process! After drywall is installed in the interior of the structure, joint compound and texture are applied to complete the interior wall surfaces. Interior wood trim is then installed and the entire home is painted. The driveway and walks are poured, and the yard is graded. 
All of these finishing touches will help your house begin to look like a home. The countertops and cabinets are then installed and resilient flooring or tile is laid in the kitchen and baths.


Now the fun really starts! During this phase, you will begin to recognize the home you designed. The team installs faucets and sinks, light switches, towel bars, doorknobs and all of the small hardware items that you’ll be using on a daily basis. Outside, the landscaping is completed, adding to the excitement.


Lastly, flooring is finally installed in the interest of protecting your carpet and hardwoods from boots, nails and dust. Any minor adjustments take place during this phase including drywall and paint touch-ups. The home is given a thorough cleaning and is prepared for the final orientation before we hand over your keys!

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