New Home Internet Specialist

Job ID: 15-0005
Location: Charlotte


Eastwood Homes is seeking an energetic and motivated sales professional to join their team as a New Home Internet Specialist. The best candidate will have a positive attitude and a passion for helping others realize their dream of home ownership. This position offers a competitive salary with excellent bonus potential. The schedule may allow for flex hours.


The primary responsibility of the New Home Internet Specialist is to respond to internet and phone call leads for the purpose of scheduling an appointment with a New Home Specialist. The person in this role initiates contact with leads received from internet sources, aids in qualifying the lead, schedules the on-site appointment with a New Home Specialist, and conducts follow up in order to produce sales. This position reports to the Marketing Manager, Division Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, or their designee.


The New Home Internet Specialist must: 

1) Demonstrate an understanding of the Real Estate industry, the residential home-building process, and adhere to fair housing laws.
2) Be able to effectively interact with customers via phone call, email, and text messaging; effectively communicate with Real Estate Brokers, company personnel and industry peers;
3) Independently assist customers in identifying company products for purchase.
4) Demonstrate a working knowledge of personal computer systems including office software programs (preferable MS Office Suites).
5) Be capable of managing deadlines, promptly addressing changes without disrupting schedules, and managing high volumes of work with minimal direct supervision.
6) Be willing and able to respond to leads on weekends and evenings as necessary.
7) OPTIONAL: Hold a NC Real Estate license maintaining appropriate continuing education credits and registered with company Broker-in-Charge where state law require. 
8) Demonstrate ability to work flexibly among at least three or more divisions to assist management in all sales initiatives and marketing events, as deemed necessary.


• Report to the Marketing Manager, Division Sales Manager, Division President, or their designee in order to receive instructions to assist with administration duties within the sales department. 
• Gather and disburse internet leads from the Company’s website in a timely fashion (with goal to respond within 15 minutes)
• Respond in a timely fashion to internet prospect requests that come through search engines, to include email contact through an email address, email campaigns, click-to-chat, and phone contact.
• Set up scheduled appointments to view model homes for the purpose of meeting with a New Home Specialist.
• Correspond with On-site New Home Specialists to follow-up and set appointments.
• Update and maintain accurate pricing and community details and availability of Eastwood Homes website.
• Regularly assist with website maintenance with regard to floorplans, landing pages, and website submission forms. Maintain accuracy of website through regular review.
• Periodically meet with Sales Managers of Eastwood Homes to evaluate the lead generation and appointment setting.
• Generate adequate sales and closing volume(s) to consistently maintain or exceed company standard sales performance and customer satisfaction ratings.
• Gather, analyze and periodically update necessary market research, competitive and market analysis for product and pricing strategies for Marketing Manager. 
• Evaluate effectiveness of lead sources on a monthly basis. 
• Participate in professional sales training and attend company training meetings and/or classes as required. Develop and train as requested by Division Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, or their designee, and provide ongoing support and guidance to New Home Sales Specialists.
• Effectively prospect for buyers through fliers, promotional programs, referrals and email blasts to generate at least one third of their traffic.
• Foster an ongoing environment of teamwork and collaboration between all Company personnel and disciplines focusing all actions toward meeting Company objectives.
• Develop and maintain a clean, organized and safe work environment for employees and customers at all times.
• Other duties as assigned. 


• Minimum working hours: Position will be full time; scheduled hours will be established by Division Sales Managers. In addition to regularly scheduled hours, position requires attendance at certain sales meetings and accessibility to communicate during weekend hours. 
• Work Vehicle: Clean dependable transportation accommodating at least two (2) passengers that is to be utilized, as required, to facilitate necessary job functions.
• Dress: Proper business attire (as defined by employee handbook) and personal hygiene required representing company in a professional manner.
• Stress: Situations may exist that require tolerance for stress as well as appropriate stress management techniques to be utilized.
• Evaluations: phone call mystery shopping may be utilized periodically.



• (ADP) Adaptability Maintaining effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities and people.

• (AN) Analysis Securing relevant information and identifying key issues and relationships from a base of information; relating and comparing data from different sources; identifying cause-effect relationships.

• (AD) Attention to Detail Accomplishing tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks; maintaining watchfulness over a period of time.

• (FO) Follow-up Establishing procedures to monitor the results of delegations, assignments or projects, specifically with prospects, customers, Realtors, Lenders and company personnel.

• (IM) Impact Creating a good first impression, commanding attention and respect, demonstrating an air of confidence.

• (IN) Initiative Making active attempts to influence events to achieve goals; self-starting rather than accepting passively; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required.

• (INT) Integrity Maintain social, ethical and organizational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.

• (MF) Motivational Fit The extent to which job activities and responsibilities and the organization’s mode of operation and values are consistent the type of environment that provides personal satisfaction; the degree to which the work itself is personally satisfying.

• (OC) Oral Communication Effectively expressing ideas in individual and group situations (including organization, gestures and non-verbal communication); adjusting language or terminology to intended audience.

• (RL) Resilience Handling disappointment and/or rejection while maintaining effectiveness.

• (SAP) Sales Ability &
Persuasiveness Using appropriate interpersonal style and communication methods to gain acceptance of an idea, plan, activity or product from qualified prospects.

• (TN) Tenacity Staying with a position or plan of action until the desired objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably attainable.

• (WT) Work Tempo Performing a task at a specific tempo without unnecessary expenditures of time or waste of supplies and materials; demonstrating a consistent rate of speed for accomplishing activities in a specific order.


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