Builder Assistant

Job ID: 17-0001
Location: Greenville


The Builder Assistant position functions as a support role for an assigned BUILDER while developing the skills necessary to earn a BUILDER position.  The term of this position is designed to be six to twelve months.   The Builder Assistant is responsible for facilitating various tasks and/or processes delegated by their BUILDER and Eastwood Homes’ management.



The Builder Assistant must:

•       Demonstrate effective oral and written communication; initiative; follow-up; leadership; planning and organization skills through previous work activity.

•       Demonstrate skill in reading and interpretation of technical documents.

•       Manage tight deadlines, promptly addressing changes without disrupting schedules, and managing high work volumes with minimal direct supervision.



•       Support activities of the assigned BUILDER and community.

•       Demonstrate within specified development timelines a basic working knowledge of Eastwood Homes’ policies and procedures.  These include but are not limited to human resource, safety and Eastwood operational policies and procedures.

•       Demonstrate within specified development timelines a working knowledge of the basic tools required to build a home.  These tools include but are not limited to architectural plans; typical details; site development plans and specifications; component drawings, cut sheets and details; customer selection sheets; series specifications; change orders; vendor scopes of work; geo-technical reports; model energy calculations and warranty specifications.

•       Demonstrate within specified development timelines a basic working knowledge of Eastwood Homes’ administrative duties.  These activities include but are not limited to pre-screening start releases; short and long range scheduling; job status updates; foundation and framing checklists; safety inspections and featured home checklists; lot, house and warning signage and posted customer selections and change orders.

•       Demonstrate within specified development timelines a basic working knowledge of Eastwood Homes’ structured internal and external customer interactions.  These activities include but are not limited to customer pre-construction, pre-drywall, pre-settlement, pre-close and follow-up orientations; weekly community meetings with assigned New Home Specialist and weekly Homebuilding meetings peers and management.

•       Demonstrate with specified development timelines proficiency in aligning trades in appropriate sequence and assemble a working long range, short range and two-week schedule for a prescribed number of homes in a community.



•       Workweek:  Monday through Friday; Saturdays if workload requires.

•       Minimum working hours:  7:30 a.m.  to 4:30 p.m.

•       Work truck:  Dependable transportation that is to be utilized, as required, to haul materials or labor in order to complete necessary job functions.

•       Physical Capacity: Frequently required to bend, stoop, crawl, squat, kneel, stand, twist, push and pull (often while carrying or lifting)

•       Lifting: Lifting may be required on a daily basis; including oversized items (weights may reach 100 pounds).

•       Weather: Outdoor climates may require each Builder to work in extreme temperatures and during various forms of precipitation.

•       Dress: Proper business attire and personal hygiene (as specified in the employee handbook) required representing company in a professional manner.

•       Stress: Situations may exist on a frequent basis that requires tolerances for stress as well as appropriate stress management techniques to be utilized.

•       Travel: May be required to travel to different communities or jobsites daily.


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