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Trends in Exterior Colors – Let the EXPERTS Help You to Decide!

November 13, 2013

I start my day with a long walk or jog nearly every morning before I head to the office here at Eastwood Homes.  Yesterday, my pleasant stroll was interrupted by the jarring discovery that my neighbor had painted her home.  Her lovely brick exterior is now accented with bright red and bold yellow.  I expected to see the golden arches of McDonald’s stretching across her driveway.  The combination truly hurts my eyes, and I dread the moment that her choice of colors will come up in conversation.  How do I tell her that she botched her color selections?  This exterior paint faux-pas is a perfect example of how an HOA would provide a great benefit in my neighborhood.  Right now, I would appreciate living in a community with a homeowners association – to prevent the unsightliness of my neighbor’s now fast-food-inspired exterior colors.

In the world of new homes, exterior colors are constantly evolving. Eastwood Homes generally prevents such unsightly mistakes by limiting exterior colors to only those choices that complement the style of the home, and community, and fit in with the surrounding area.  Paint company extraordinaire, Sherwin Williams, categorizes their exterior palettes by home style.  Based on their categorizations, most Eastwood Homes would fit into the categories of either Suburban Traditional or America’s Heritage.  Our Charleston division provides an exception, with homes styles in the category of Southern Shores and Beaches.  In each of these categories, Sherwin Williams offers a wide variety of color combination suggestions.  

We want to make sure that every homeowner is happy with their exterior color combination for years to come.  The team at Eastwood Homes always keeps our eyes open for new trends in the exterior color world.  In the last several years, we have seen a few dramatic changes.  At one point, the exterior colors offered at Eastwood Homes included only several shades of beige, plus white.  Now the array includes greens, grays, and blues, in addition to the classic beige shades.  In communities where fiber-cement siding is an option, the colors vary even more dramatically.  In recent months, the grays have become increasingly popular, as the overall design trend has leaned toward cooler colors.  Another trend I’ve witnessed and welcomed is the introduction of an array of trim color options. The addition of a trim color other than white can completely change the look and feel of a home.  When paired with one of our many stone or brick color options, the varying shades of tan trim can really create a custom look. Don’t make the mistake that my neighbor did.  Choose to buy a NEW HOME and let the experts guide your color selections!

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